Your County Tax Dollars at Work – Thomas Drive and Joan

The intersection of Thomas Drive and Joan Avenue in Panama City Beach is getting a bit of a facelift with sidewalks going in, the curb structure being redone, and the pedestrian island being rebuilt.

Recently the lift station on Joan Avenue was redone and landscaping and sidewalks were installed.

Phase one of this project will include sidewalks on the north and south side of Thomas Drive down to Ocean Street with phase two continuing the sidewalks to Venus Street.

I’m glad to see Bay County stepping up to upgrade the look and usability of the unincorporated areas of Panama City Beach.

The total build time of this project is approximately 24 months.

2 thoughts on “Your County Tax Dollars at Work – Thomas Drive and Joan

  1. Jason,

    I’m not sure if we met but I really think your doing a great job with this web site. I just want to thank your for the excellent work giving all of us current up to date information that is helpful to all of us and useful for us so that we can spread the good word about all the great things happening here. Great work..keep it up!

    I was just wondering. On the Joan avenue lift station exactly what is meant by the fact that it was redone. Is the aroma shall I say netralized or is it still rather robust?


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