Clear Blue

clear blue

Locals know this to be a fact, but many outsiders have a hard time believing the sand on our beaches is really this white.  This is an untouched photo of a sand dune on Shell Island.  The contrast of the blue sky, deep blue gulf and the sugar white sand creates a strong image.  The sand here is so pure and clean that it actually squeaks when you walk on it.  Visit Shell and Crooked Islands when in PCB to see the “untouched” side of our beaches.

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5 thoughts on “Clear Blue

  1. I read an article years ago in the Pensacola News Journal about a researcher that did a study on how the purity of the beach sand could be determined by the sound it acutally made while you walked on it. I know the sand on the renourished parts of the beach aren’t as white as they were before they were fortified. Also, there weren’t as many shells in the sand back then as well.

    Taken from
    “Why does sand squeak when you walk on it?
    It only occurs when a certain type of sand (e.g. silica), with grains of a certain size, create layers from the wind and moisture. The sand also needs to be well weathered, smooth and fairly rounded.

    The squeaking noise is caused by friction of the layers rubbing against each other. Polluted sands will not squeak because of foreign matter mixed in with the sand. Therefore, a beach with squeaky sand is a clean beach.”


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