Rock, Paper Scissors Tournament to Award $20k

That’s right, you read the title right.  Not only in there going to be a Rock, Paper Scissors tournament tomorrow at the Boardwalk Beach Resort, but they are giving away $20,000 to the winner to put towards their college tuition.  There’s even an official League, the USA Rock Paper Scissors (USARPS) League and a blog, that has been covering the action so far here in Panama City Beach.

Here is the press release I found online:

AMP Energy, in conjunction with USA Rock Paper Scissors (USARPS) League, announced today they are launching the first-ever USARPS College ChAMPionship. Following preliminary rounds at 20 campuses across the country and 12 qualifying Spring Break events, co-eds will be given the chance to compete for $20,000 to be used towards college tuition at championship matches during mtvU’s Spring Break in Panama City Beach, FL, March 8 through 21.

Rock Paper Scissors, the popular two-person hand game, is a common arbiter of disputes, similar to flipping a coin or drawing straws. In 2005, the USARPS League was formed by Commissioner Matti Leshem as the governing body of the sport in the U.S. The League brought rules and structure to Rock Paper Scissors matches and continues to celebrate a game that has been played for centuries by people around the world. With students at rival schools like Syracuse and Rutgers, Alabama and Tennessee, and UNC and Maryland all vying for the title, the competition is sure to be intense.

“Students have counted on AMP Energy to give them an extra kick to make it through final exams,” said Maurice Herrera, Marketing Director, AMP Energy. “Now, one skilled Rock Paper Scissors player can count on AMP Energy to actually help pick up the tab for those exams. We look forward to awarding one lucky student who leaves Spring Break with the grand prize of $20,000.”

Thousands of students across the nation are expected to turn out for the competition. Qualifying matches are currently underway, leading up to campus finals where students will compete to win a Spring Break trip to Panama City Beach, FL to represent their school at the 2009 USARPS College ChAMPionship. At stake will be bragging rights and a check toward tuition, not to mention the inaugural USARPS College ChAMPionship title which will be awarded on March 18 following the final round of competition.

“They may have used their heads to get into college,” said USARPS League Commissioner Matti Leshem. “But they’re going to use their fists to pay for it!”

“Now more than ever, college students need a break,” said Ross Martin, Head of Programming, mtvU. “This year, mtvU’s Spring Break ’09 returns to Panama City Beach with incredible musical performances, the first-ever USA Rock Paper Scissors College ChaAMPionship, and now, thanks to AMP Energy, a shot to earn cash toward college tuition.”

2 thoughts on “Rock, Paper Scissors Tournament to Award $20k

  1. My 7 yr old Sean thinks he has a chance against some inebriated college kids to earn his tuition money, let the games begin.


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