Horses Will Be Hung Tonight on New Carousel in Pier Park

The crew is onsight and the gears are falling into place on the new carousel in Pier Park in Panama City Beach.  Workers have been bringing all the parts and peices over all day and the frame is up right now, as of 5:45 pm.

“We’ll hang the horses tonight, they have a terrible habit of coming alive and walking off in the middle of the night.” said the forman of the crew.  “This is a Herschell Carousel,” he said, “this is a ride out of Jersey, from a time when these things were actually rides.”  He was telling me that the new ones will last 10 years, if they are taken care of, but the old ones like these, they are still in use all across the country.  Apparently this is a great carousel – nice job, Teddy.

Set to open April 1, the carousel should be completely assembled by tomorrow or Sunday.  Then, all they have to do is clean it up.  If you are on the beach tonight, you should stop by and take a look.

4 thoughts on “Horses Will Be Hung Tonight on New Carousel in Pier Park

  1. How cool is that!!!

    Now will someone just invest in me and I will bring the Starliner back and open it up at Pier Park. How awesome would that be! It is up for sale so who know…


  2. I think it would be wonderful for at least a handful of rides to appear at Pier Park. Just a small amusement park. What a great addition to a place that is quickly becoming the be-all end-all place to be on a Saturday or Sunday, especially for the family.


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