FSU's Flying High Circus is open to the public – video

Last night was the opening show, I wish I was there. I’ll be there tonight paying full price with my family.

Showtimes are at 7 Monday through Saturday until August 2nd. General admission is $24 for adults and $16 for kids 4 and up.

Click after the break for a video.

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Crist OKs State Funding Allocation for the Panama City Airport

On Wednesday, Governor Charlie Crist signed a $66 billion budget that included $12 million for the construction of the new Panama City Bay County International Airport and the road that connects it from Highway 388.

The Panhandle Citizens Coalition had written a letter to Crist explaining why he should veto the funding for the new airport citing, as reported by the News Herald, that the airport was voted against in a non-binding referendum and that it has been under litigation.

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The Clouds of Summer in Panama City Beach – Timelapse video

I’m sure this happens every year around this time, but this is really the first time I’ve noticed it – huge, beautiful cumulus clouds.

Everytime I’m outside, I’m completely captivated at how beautiful these clouds are.

Apparently when the warm ocean air blows inshore and rises to meet the cooler air at a higher altitude, the water vapor condenses and begins a rising/falling behavior that results in the formation of these huge cumulus clouds.

Again, one of the neat things about our area that makes it so beautiful.

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Grand Lagoon National on Panama City Beach

The newest sport fishing event on Panama City Beach, the Grand Lagoon National will debut this summer August 20 – 24.

From the website:

The Grand Lagoon National is really eight tournaments in one. Organizers are convinced that the unique format will appeal to virtually every kind of saltwater fishing enthusiast. A Big Game division, crafted to attract million dollar yachts and experienced competitors, will hunt for the elusive giant Blue Marlin, the Swordfish and the large Tuna that populate the Gulf’s summer waters. A Catch and Release category will also be provided for Blue Marlin, White Marlin, Swordfish and Sailfish. An Offshore Division will fish for Wahoo, Dolphin, Red Snapper, Grouper and Amberjack. An Inshore Division, limited to boats of twenty-nine feet in length or less, will fish for Red Snapper, Grouper, Amberjack and King Mackerel. To appeal to devotees of the Bay, a Flats Division will feature a Spanish Mackerel, Trout and Redfish competition. For visitors to the beach, families and those who love to bottom fish, a Party Boat Division will fish for Red Snapper, Grouper and Amberjack and will host a special Junior Anglers’ contest. What is being billed as “America’s Saltwater Fishing Tournament” will even include a special Dive Division for those who like to fish below the waters of the Gulf.

Bill Spann, who founded and for twenty-three years served as Chairman of one of the nation’s most recognized fishing tournaments, the Bay Point Annual Billfish Invitational, will serve as Tournament Chairman of the new event and is convinced that it will quickly establish itself as a tournament no serious saltwater enthusiast will want to miss. “The breadth of facilities, quality of fishing and the inclusiveness of this format justify the name “Grand Lagoon National”.

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6/10/08 TDC/CVB Meeting: Turtle Ordinance, Grand Lagoon National Tournament

Surprisingly, 8 of the 9 board members were present. Absent was Yonnie Patronis. Board member attendance at the 8 meetings, including the 2 strategic planning sessions, held during the first half of 2008 has been quite poor. 3 members have attendance records of 50% or less and only 3 members have missed no more than one meeting. The worst was at the strategic planning session held two weeks ago when only 2 board members were in attendance. I understand that board members are not compensated, but people should not agree to serve unless their schedule allows regular attendance. Hopefully the City Council and County Commission will consider ability to attend meetings when considering future appointments.

Turtle Protection Ordinance

Based on recent reports in the News Herald, I understood prior to the meeting that a compromise had been reached between Staff, the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service and the local property owners for a new draft ordinance to replace the one approved by the board in December. As expected, the prior draft ordinance was rejected by USF&W and effectively put any future beach nourishment on hold. Both the USF&W and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers were in attendance at this meeting to complete the process. Based on the News Herald reports, I expected the new draft ordinance to be approved by the board ending the standoff between PCB and the Federal Government. I sure was wrong.

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Tapestry Park to have Monthly Outdoor Monthly Movie Nights

Bring your lawn chairs, picnic baskets and blankets and get ready for the inaugural Tapestry Park Cinema. Tapestry Park will host a free movie night once a month beginning on Friday, June 27th. Each month, a well known film will be shown on a giant 16-foot screen in Savannah Park. Tapestry Park Cinema will also be offering a cash-only concession stand.

“The films we have chosen for this first series are certainly geared towards the entire family and there isn’t a more perfect setting to experience a movie than outdoors, under the stars,” said Mark Tanney, the developer of Tapestry Park. “We’re thrilled to offer these events not only for our homeowners, but for the community at large, including all of our guests visiting from out of town.”

Each of the screenings will begin at sundown, around 8:00 p.m.; however, guests are encouraged to arrive early to secure their spot on the lawn. Tapestry Park Cinema will run on Fridays, June 27th, July 25th, August 29th and September 26th. For a complete listing of films, please call Tapestry Park at 850.234.3339.

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Panama City Beach in Southern Living

There is an article about Panama City Beach in the latest issue of Southern Living, and they are raving about us.

It’s time to return to Panama City Beach. If your memories revolve around crowded T-shirt shacks and gritty mom-and-pop motels, you’re in for a big surprise. This vacation magnet (your grandparents may have met here!) now sports a fresh style. It’s nudged the beach bum culture aside for upscale hotels and condos, good restaurants, a fabulous new shopping district, and sparkling high-rises.”

“Don’t worry. You can still relax in flip-flops and cutoff jeans in most places. The oyster bars, beach bands, and miniature golf courses with dinosaurs still thrive. Meanwhile polished businesses have opened that show a better look. Here’s our guide to the best.”

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