Don’t Get Spooked by Tax Deadlines in October!

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It’s that time of year again….Quarterlies! Bet you thought I was going to say Fall, Halloween, Breast Cancer Awareness, Color Runs, etc, etc, etc. You are busy, your kids are busy, your family is busy but most of all your business is busy. So with everything going on this month, to throw one more cog into the mix it’s time for quarterly sales tax and quarterly employment taxes. Don’t let the deadlines sneak up on you and cost you penalties and interest.

So just consider this your friendly reminder – mark your calendars, sales tax filing is due by 10/20 – make sure if you are paying on line you file by the 17th to avoid an internet delay. Payroll tax if you pay quarterly is due by the end of the month, you can mail your payment in with your 941 form. If you pay your payroll tax bi-weekly or monthly even though you are current on payment you still must mail off your 941 by 10/31.

Now is also the time to take some time and review your books before we start the last quarter of the year. This way you can catch any errors, make any changes, re-evaluate your budget and just do a general clean up before year end.

As always, you can always give me a call to help you navigate any bookkeeping issues or set up electronic tax payments to save you time & money!

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