July Fourth at Pier Park – Video

If you were out there, then you know that the party Pier Park sponsored at Aaron Bessant Park this year was nothing short of amazing.  I just want to take a moment to thank the team at Pier Park for caring so much about the community and really becoming involved when it comes to being sure our perfect slice of paradise is not only beautiful, but also clean.

Recently in a discussion with Paul Ajdaharian, one of the VP’s at Simon Property group, he was telling me that the closely manicured landscaping and near always meticulous look of the property is very intentional, he quoted saying “you wouldn’t beleive how much money goes into keeping this property looking this great every month.”  You see, this does more than make Simon look good, it makes Panama City Beach look good as well.  The premier shopping and dining complex in Panama City Beach is going to attract near every tourist that vacations in Panama City Beach, and if they don’t have a great experience there, they’ll remember it.

I was talking to someone a few weeks back who was telling me the reason Felicia and Ashley (the marketing girls at Pier Park) do so well in involving the community with events at Pier Park is because they work so hard.  And, although I do agree that they work hard, that’s not why all of this is so successful.  This all works so well because they LOVE what they are doing and their passion shows greatly in everything and everyway they participate in the community.

While its easy to criticize Pier Park and complain to me about giving them so much coverage, Pier Park has single handedly done more for this community than any one entity has for a long time, and it has given us a way to come together as Panama City Beach in a way that’s never before been seen – just look at the crowds for New Years and July 4th!

So, enough of the mushyness, here’s the video.  Great work Pier Park!

Encore Presentation, Pier Park Beach Ball Drop – Extended Version

The Beach Ball Drop was awesome, and Pier Park did a great job in executing this first of many New Year’s Eve events.

The production and editing on my part was lengthy, time consuming, and exhausting, to say the least, but it was fun, very fun. The first version of  the video was just over 7 minutes, but I decided to edit it down to around 5 minutes so as to prevent it from seeming to drag on.  However, the first video was so successful and so “talked about”, I decided to release the longer 7 minute version to feature longer interviews and more footage.

Enjoy, and thanks to Pier Park for sponsoring the production of this video!

Pier Park Beach Ball Drop – extended version from Jason Koertge on Vimeo.

Pier Park Beach Ball Drop Video

Pier Park’s Beach Ball Drop in Panama City Beach was a huge success with thousands in attendance from all over the south-eastern United States.  The CVB’s marketing blitz covered our drive-to market while locals attended in droves.

I had a blast there with my buddy Lou shooting the whole event and have actually spent probably 12 hours reviewing and editing to get just over 5 minutes of reliving the New Year’s Eve Party on Panama City Beach.

The original version was about 8 minutes long, but I edited it down to really focus on the action. I hope that this brings back some of the emotion of the night for those of you that were there, and for those that were not there, I hope this depicts what an awesome time it truly was.

I want to thank Pier Park’s Felecia Cook for all the hard work that she and her assistant, Ashley Capps did to pull this great event off.  With the help of the PCB CVB and the local tourism industry, this is sure to be a grand tradition that we will all enjoy for years to come.

Enjoy the video.

View in HD

LIVE VIDEO – Jason from PCBDaily at Pier Park's New Year's Bash

Wednesday, December 31, 2008, we will be broadcasting live video from our camera, through the internet and onto pcbdaily.com, specifically this post, or on the TV page.  We will do a broadcast every hour on the hour starting at 5 pm and going through the night.  We will probably do some shots in between as the action unfolds or as we see fit.  Most of the evening will be played by ear.

I have several guest appearances lined up throughout the night and look forward to having a lot of fun.  If you are planning on being out there, and you see us, flag us down and say hello.

If you can’t be there, watch the night unfold right here on pcbdaily.com.  Below, the live feed will play when we broadcast.  If we don’t come up automatically, you may have to hit the refresh button in the bottom left of the player.

Be safe, have fun, and we’ll see you New Year’s Eve.


A Pier Park Summer – Video

Throughout the summer, I spent considerable time at Pier Park capturing varying aspects of life at Pier Park.  Mall management was gracious enough to allow me roof access to gain some of these stunning shots.  I spent over a cumulative 12 hours capturing and several hours editing to complete this timelapse of Pier Park in Panama City Beach.

The process included setting up my Canon Digital Rebel EOS Xti 10.1 on a tripod with a timer set at varying intervals between 1 to 3 seconds.  In other words, every second or few, the camera would automatically take a picture while I sat with my headlamp pointing towards a good book.  Often passersby would inquire as to what I was doing.

Some shots would take up to 60 minutes to capture and the final video utilizes over 6,000 still photographs.  In true time-lapse fashion, some shots may seem to linger, use this time to enjoy the nuances of seeing thousands of people pass in just seconds.

I created the whole production in full HD 1080i, but the online version is a much paired down 1280×720.  The full version is available for purchase on a DVD for $12.  Email me at jason(at)pcbdaily.com if you would like to purchase the full-sized version.

View in HD