Pier Park New Year’s Eve Bash a Success [PICS]

For the third year in a row, Pier Park’s New Year’s Eve party was the largest on the beach.  With a family friendly atmosphere, tons of excellent live entertainment, 7,000 beach balls, loads of fireworks and a warm night, it’s no wonder this was the place to be.

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Pier Park Christmas Parade [Pictures]

With a brief break in the frigid weather, this year’s Christmas Parade was as great as ever.  With thousands of attendees lining the route that weaved through Pier Park and float riders passing out buckets of candy and beads, Saturday evening was a joyous time for all.

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On Sale in PCB – Pier Park

Keeping up with our series of holiday specials, here are a number of great deals going on right now in Pier Park.

If you’re not familiar with Pier Park in Panama City Beach, you can learn more about it here.  But, be sure you crawl out of the rock you’ve been under for the last two and half years before you click the link, otherwise you’ll not retain any of the great new things you learn!

Check after the break for all the deals.

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An Update on the Newly Opened Miracle Strip at Pier Park

It started out in 2008 as just the original carousel from the bygone Miracle Strip Amusement Park being brought to Pier Park as a piece of nostalgia. Fast forward two years and with several more rides now being restored to their former glory and proudly sitting in their new home, the spirit and joy of Miracle Strip can once again be experienced in Panama City Beach. Continue reading “An Update on the Newly Opened Miracle Strip at Pier Park”

Enormous Turnout for New Year's Eve at Pier Park

Definitely smashing the turnout record number from last year, this year’s New Year’s Eve celebration at Pier Park far exceeded expectations for success.  Last year’s event was immense, but this year the added elements brought out crowds by the thousands.  All through the night, we were continually amazed by the shear numbers of people that were everywhere.

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Horses Will Be Hung Tonight on New Carousel in Pier Park

The crew is onsight and the gears are falling into place on the new carousel in Pier Park in Panama City Beach.  Workers have been bringing all the parts and peices over all day and the frame is up right now, as of 5:45 pm.

“We’ll hang the horses tonight, they have a terrible habit of coming alive and walking off in the middle of the night.” said the forman of the crew.  “This is a Herschell Carousel,” he said, “this is a ride out of Jersey, from a time when these things were actually rides.”  He was telling me that the new ones will last 10 years, if they are taken care of, but the old ones like these, they are still in use all across the country.  Apparently this is a great carousel – nice job, Teddy.

Set to open April 1, the carousel should be completely assembled by tomorrow or Sunday.  Then, all they have to do is clean it up.  If you are on the beach tonight, you should stop by and take a look.

Guy Harvey's in Pier Park to Open Soon

Guy Harvey’s Island Grill in Pier Park will be open first part of April, as long as everything goes according to schedule.  Interior construction is heavy under way on the 10,000 square foot restaurant and shop and is located at the south side of Pier Park, right next to Reggae J’s and across from Back Porch and Margaritaville.

This will be Guy Harvey’s fifth location with others located in Orange Beach, AL, Marco Island, Key West and Grand Cayman.

The Pier Park location will feature a restaurant that will seat around 200 people and a shop where tourists and locals alike can purchase merchandise from artwork to belts adorned with various sea wild-life.  There will be two levels, although at this time, I’m unsure what the second floor will hold.

The menu will include similar items as the other locations with a few “local” adaptations.  However, you will not see on the menu items such as swordfish, chilean sea bass, grouper, or any other billfish or shark species for that matter.  Guy Harvey deems these species threatened or depleted.

Visit www.GuyHarveyInc.com for more details on Guy Harvey, and check the picture below to see what the place looks like inside, right now.