Airport Update – Pictures of the Terminal Progress

The terminal at the new Panama City Airport located in West Bay in Bay County is moving along at a swift pace.  The percentage complete is just under 20% with all the pilings in place and the second floor structure being formed right now.

Construction of the terminal will last for the duration of the project.


New Airport Constructin Update

Construction at the new Panama City-Bay County International Airport continues to run smoothly and is currently about 3 and a half months ahead of schedule.  A summary of the contracts underway follows.

  • Contract 1: Heavy Civil and Airfield Lighting:
  • 115 pieces of heavy equipment in operation at any one time with approximately 160 personnel on site.
  • 46% of time utilized (360 of 780 days).
  • 37% of the 15” concrete paving lanes have been placed on 8,500 linear feet of Runway 16-34.
  • On Taxiway D, all lime rock base and the majority of the first 2” lift of P-401 base have been placed.
  • 12,902 tons of asphalt base course is in place along the Main Access Road (MRA) and loop road.  Curb and lime rock base installation within terminal parking lots now 100% complete.  Asphalt base course is in place over 75% of main parking lot.
  • 34,888 tons of asphalt base and 20,000 cubic yards of structural concrete have been placed on 8,400 linear feet of Runway 16-34.
  • 6,780 tons of asphalt base has been placed on Taxiway D, and the main apron.
  • Stormwater drainage pipe installation is now 99% complete.
  • Storm sewer installation within the General Aviation Area is now underway.
  • Over 5.4 million cubic yards of earth has been moved (98% of total).
  • Mass grading within Pond C now 90% complete.
  • Contract 2:  Terminal Building, ATCT and Support Buildings:
  • Gulf Power has completed installation of temporary overhead power to the Terminal Building location and site office trailers.
  • Installation of reinforcing steel continues along Area’s A and B of the Terminal Building.
  • New design of the Air Traffic Control Tower auger cast piles was required due to the original design not meeting the required load test. The original design required 72 piles drilled to a depth of 52 feet. The new design, based on the actual field load tests will require 44 piles drilled to a depth of 70.33 feet and 28 piles drilled to a depth of 80.33 feet.
  • Rough-in of electrical and plumbing for the Air Cargo Facility is completed.
  • Installation of mat reinforcing steel and dowels for the Air Cargo Facility is completed.
  • Installation of the drainage structures for the Airport Maintenance Facility continues.
  • Contract 3:  Utility Contract:
    • Contract has been executed and all necessary submittals, insurance and bonds have been received from the Contractor. Notice to Proceed is anticipated within the first week of January.

Panama City Bay County Airport Update

Construction at the new Panama City-Bay County International Airport continues to run smoothly and is currently about 3 and a half months ahead of schedule.

The entire project is about 35% complete, with the heavy civil portion, which includes the main runway, approximately 66% complete.

In general, almost 250 workers are regularly onsite each work day.  Offsite quarries, asphalt plants, concrete pipe plants, truck drivers and other ancillary activities will normally employ another 350 people in significant activity.

As the terminal construction and utility installation contracts begin to ramp up after New Years, these numbers will increase

The foundation for the terminal building is underway with concrete being placed in the footers. Foundations are also underway for the various support buildings and the air traffic control tower.   Concrete is being produced by local plants (offsite).

Approximately 40,000 tons of asphalt has been placed on the project to date.  Contractors are currently paving the main apron areas.

Sands and fine aggregates are obtained from local sources while harder aggregates come from mines in Alabama and Marianna, Florida.  Asphalt is mixed by CW Roberts in their Freeport and Panama City plants.

Approximately 55% of the main runway’s 15? concrete paving lanes are now in place.

Aggregates for the concrete are being sourced from local sand quarries and hard rock mines near Perry, Florida.  Concrete is being placed by a team of local contractors that includes operators, finishers, and detailers.

To date 5.4 million cubic yards of earth has been moved on the project site.

Approximately 33,000 linear feet of reinforced concrete pipe has been produced locally and installed by the area’s contractors.

Over 40,000 linear feet of high-density plastic underdrains have also been installed.

Other local contractors are involved with providing dewatering pumps, erosion control and grass seeding.

Work on the underground utilities portion of the project is expected to begin on January 5, 2009.

Airport Construction Video Update

The new Panama City Bay County International Airport is flying along with more than 50% of the total work complete and only 40% of the total alotted time used.  This places the hard working teams on site about 3 months ahead of schedule.

Anticipation grows daily as the whole site is in a constant state of change.  I was up there Thursday of last week and it looks totally different from the way it looked just 60 short days ago.

I could tell you more, but you’ll just have to watch the video.

View in HD

Construction Update – New Panama City Bay County International Airport

Panama City Airport Aerial

Huge progress has been made since construction began at the beginning of the year at the new Panama City Bay County International Airport site north of up Highway 79 north of Highway 388 in Bay County.

The entire site consists of 4,000 acres that can be used for the airport and all future expansions with a total 1,300 acres permitted for construction right now. Phase I will include a primary runway of 8,400 feet and a secondary cross-wind runway of 5,000 feet. The primary runway will run almost due north at 340 degrees with the secondary at around 50 degrees.

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