Mr. Youngblood Goes to Washington…

Shawn is 37. He is well traveled, but until last week he had never visited our Nation’s Capital. Having toured a museum or two with him, I was surprised. I knew he would be intrigued and inspired by what he was going to see.

He started thinking about the trip in late January. He had begun doing research on “Catch Shares” and the impact they could have on coastal fisheries, especially those in our area. It was alarming to Shawn and many others. As he can tell you, if you live or work on the Gulf Coast… or anywhere along the 88,000 miles of coastline that encompasses the United States… Catch Shares, IFQs, Bag Limits, and shortened fishing seasons affect you. If you eat fish, they will impact you. If you like to fish, they will affect you. Continue reading “Mr. Youngblood Goes to Washington…”

Miracle Strip at Pier Park – almost here!

Classic engineering of a classic Ferris Wheel
I dropped by Pier Park yesterday to tell a vendor there that their picture had run in an article in the Atlanta Journal Constitution. I had my camera so I took a short walk over to the new Miracle Strip amusement park to see how it was coming along. You can see from the pictures below that the rides are almost 100% ready to go. The developers, Ted and Jenny Meeks told me that they were about a week away from opening the mini-amusement park.

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Panama City Beach CVB Targets Spring-Breakers with New Online Planning Guides

It’s right around the corner – and this Spring Break, the Panama City Beach Convention & Visitor’s Bureau has taken a slightly different approach. Aimed at sending a serious message in a fun way, the CVB has created new online guides for the thousands of college students heading to Panama City Beach and its warmer temperatures, beautiful beaches, and action-packed nightlife. Continue reading “Panama City Beach CVB Targets Spring-Breakers with New Online Planning Guides”

Real Estate – Appraisers are not the Culprits

There have been a lot of anecdotal stories lately about how appraisals and appraisers contributed to the real estate meltdown and are currently preventing the market from recovering.  Your friends at (A certified general/certified residential appraiser in Colorado and Florida with 25 years of experience) would like to clear up some misconceptions. Continue reading “Real Estate – Appraisers are not the Culprits”

Southwest Showing $75 Flights From ECP Starting May 23rd

As many anticipate the low cost fares and benefits of the Northwest Florida Beaches International Airport, the question remains as to whether the airport will still open on its projected date, which was already pushed back from its tentative date of May 18th to May 23rd.

In a recent Newsherald article, Airport Authority board Chairman Joe Tannehill admitted concerns with potential delays. But even as the big event nears the 12th hour, Mr. Tannehill endorsed that the airport, through everything, is still “on time and on budget.”

If the airport is still on schedule, what does that mean for people trying to book one of the much-talked about ECP flights? Southwest is already showing direct flights  into Orlando available for $75 and flights to Baltimore available for $109 starting on May 23rd. You could, theoretically, book a flight for May right now, supporting Tannehill’s belief on making the deadlines.

What will be interesting is what effect the flights will have on other airlines and nearby airports. If I can get a flight to Orlando for only $75 on Southwest, Delta might want to bring some better sauce if I am going to spend my money on them. And what about Tallahassee airport? What will all those business folks do when they realize that they can drive to Panama City Beach and save hundreds on a flight?

If you aren’t excited yet, now would be a good time.

“Back To The 50’s (and 60’s) Tonight” Presented by the Pyramid School of Fine Arts.

Remember the days when Eisenhower was president, Bill Haley was Rockin’ Around The Clock, and the Space Race had just begun?  So do the folks at the Pyramid School of Fine Arts, and their friends Rocky and Randall Akins of Beach 95.1’s “The Rocky and Randall Road Show”. Continue reading ““Back To The 50’s (and 60’s) Tonight” Presented by the Pyramid School of Fine Arts.”