Miracle Strip at Pier Park – almost here!

Classic engineering of a classic Ferris Wheel
I dropped by Pier Park yesterday to tell a vendor there that their picture had run in an article in the Atlanta Journal Constitution. I had my camera so I took a short walk over to the new Miracle Strip amusement park to see how it was coming along. You can see from the pictures below that the rides are almost 100% ready to go. The developers, Ted and Jenny Meeks told me that they were about a week away from opening the mini-amusement park.

Jenny told me a bit about the project. One of most interesting parts is that it will be great to have the very sames rides from Miracle Strip restored to their original condition. Over the years, thousands of visitors and locals grew up at Miracle Strip. “Not only will it bring back some great childhood memories for many but the rides will let parents share some of their childhood with their kids.”

Pretty much all that remains is the landscaping and then Miracle Strip at Pier Park will start entertaining another generation on Panama City Beach.

20 thoughts on “Miracle Strip at Pier Park – almost here!

  1. No. All you can see from the top is a gas station, the side of a brick wall and roofs with missing tiles. Pretty disappointing actually.


  2. Well I can remember coming to Panama City Beach every summer when I was a small child and my parent took me my sister and two brother . We had so much fun every year . I was sick when seen it was being closed and tore down . To me it was a big part of PCB . And very Happy to see even a small part of being put back . Can hardly waiting to come back this summer to see what it like . And enjoy it again as an adult .


  3. I loved it! I use to go all the time with a parents. I am so happy ya’ll are even making a small part of it agian!(:


  4. Just my opinion, but the beaches of Destin/Ft Walton Beach are MUCH better than our beaches in PCB. They have clearer water, whiter sand and their beaches are MUCH wider. Also, their condos/hotels are cheaper by far and are more family oriented.


    1. Tye76,

      The beaches are not wider in Destin! Are you kidding me? They are very narrow. And most of the condos, you have to cross a street to get to the beach. Destin has nice beaches too but I think you are on the wrong site!


  5. Well said jamnolfin (not well spelled, but well said). Read Tye76’s posts…what gas station is even in view from the middle of Pier Park. This is obviously a prankster, or an idiot with a vengeance. His posts don’t even merit a glance.


  6. WOW!
    If we could just only go back in time when America had morals to match this great idea! I for one will be taking my family to support this 365 days of the year! This will gives us another family event besides the Concerts In The Park to enjoy! Oh Yea! my family and friends support the concerts also!


  7. Hey Tye76…Sounds like you are not a happy camper in PCB. So if you decide to MOVE to the Destin area you so dearly love we won’t mourn your departure. I am sure Destin would appreciate such a upbeact addition to their community. Happy Trails!


  8. What about the roller coaster?! That is always my favorite ride/memory of Miracle Strip. My least favorite is the Bullet – I threw up after that one (but then we’d had a really terrible spaghetti meal just before that)? I hope the park doesn’t make traffic as bad as it was at the original location – that was always a drag to be caught in that mess.


  9. I’m sorry, you guys are right! PCB is much better than Destin. I’m just a bitter old battle axe and sometimes I fly off at the handle when I haven’t had my arthritis medication and a good dose of The Golden Girls. I’m wetting myself right now so I better go. I love Panama City Beach!


  10. I think the addition of the rides is a great idea. It will give me and my grandson another ‘something to do’ when I come down to visit. I too would love to see even a small roller coaster added in the future, but still truly appreciate the rides that the Meeks’ have brought to Pier Park. Integrating the old with the new is great planning indeed.


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