Beginner Friendly Tennis Round Robin in Watercolor

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The renowned tennis resorts of Watercolor and Seaside, with the help of Tennis Pro Tracy Townsend is hosting the 3rd Annual Love All Round Robin Tennis Tournament to benefit local charity, Food for Thought Outreach on Saturday, September 21st. The Walton County based non-profit whose mission is to provide food and meals to local children in need, depends greatly on events like these to keep providing services.

The Love All Round Robin last year gained a lot of traction and in addition to raising thousands of dollars for FFT in just a matter of hours, helped bring awareness to an organization that not only serves Walton County, but also most recently expanded to help children in the Destin area.

Beachy Beach 30A Real Estate is the presenting sponsor again this year and will be helping facilitate this event with the help of 30A Tennis and will provide lunch and refreshments for players.  Attendees will enjoy a friendly Round Robin competition with other tennis aficionados like themselves as well as participate in a Silent Auction which will include items from local vendors such as designer jewelry from Blessings in Disguise, luxury home goods from Summer House Lifestyle, and unique home and garden items from Clay 30A Nursery and more.  Participants will also have a chance to purchase inaugural Food for Thought and Love All merchandise, with all profits going directly to the FFT mission.

Another exciting change for this year’s event, is that not only are all levels welcome to join in the game, both Men and Ladies can participate this year as there will be Men’s Doubles and Ladies’ Doubles.  The event is beginner friendly, so novices need not be shy!

Registration is also quick and easy as players can go online to and pay with their credit card, and even elect to give an extra donation to Food for Thought, should they choose.  For more information about the event, whether you want to play or you want to help out or donate an auction item, please email or call 850-231-3060 and ask for Hilary or Britt.

In addition to getting a chance to play with tennis players like themselves, included in the cost of the admission ticket, players will enjoy lunch and swag from Beachy Beach 30A Real Estate as well as two raffle tickets for a chance to win a raffle prize from Cotton Land Title which has generously donated a Off Shore Fishing Trip with Salty Fish Coastal Outfitters.  If you can not make the event and still want a a chance at the raffle prize, you can email for more details.

You can also stay connected to this year’s event by visiting the Facebook Page for 30A Tennis, where you can share the event with friends and get a sneak peak at some of the auction items as the event nears.

To find out how you can help Food for Thought Outreach as they work to serve more schools in our area, visit their website at or email them directly at

Whining is not a good exercise!!!

Those of you who know me will find it hard to believe that I have allowed myself to get in this condition. Running and working out has always been an important part of my life. Running was quite spiritual to me and allowed me to pray and be thankful for so much.  Quite a departure from the norm, I stopped exercising and stopped paying attention to nutrition.  I think that I forgot that whining and moaning about my weight and my physical condition does not change anything.  In fact it does not only keep change at bay it allows for negative outcomes.

Thankfully a few days ago I had the good sense to call a friend and admit that unless I met someone or was accountable I was going to keep on hitting that snooze button. My opportunity clock has been blaring and I have ignored it.  The fact that I have become a larger version of myself has not been enough of a negative to change my bad behavior.  At 54 I realize that I am responsible for my health and the only way to do that is to stop whining and start working.

I decided I would very publicly announce that I am going back to basics and paying attention to what I can do to be the master of my good health and physical fitness. And in keeping with my understanding that we are what we think about and talk about I am changing my self talk to reflect that core belief.

Today Hugh and I walked on the beach in Laguna Beach and the joy of seeing those beautiful waves and feeling the breeze on my face was great encouragement today.

Each step I took I was thankful that even though I was slow I was moving forward.  With each step I took I thanked God that I still had the ability to change. With each step I thought of all of my blessings. With each step I thought of all the many people who would be so grateful to be here walking on this gorgeous shoreline.  With each step I reinforced that the movement and the motion forward will propel me to a better place physically, mentally and emotionally.

So take this walk with me and if you are reading this share with me a time when maybe you too thought that whining was an exercise.  If you are like me you found out that it does not burn calories so you might as well hit the road.  And as we journey please remember what I always say, “The only people we have to get even with are those that have helped us.”