First Time Home Buyer Questions and Answers

In the Real Estate world there are some people that I listen and learn from. One of them is Barbara Corcoran, a self made Real Estate mogul with great spunk and even more wisdom. I am going to share some of her answers that are great stuff for first time home buyers.

1.  What is the biggest mistake new home buyers make?

According to Barbara, first time home buyers go in way over their heads and put themselves in an uncomfortable financial position. So, as we have spoken about in countless articles, it is imperative to visit your loan officer before you start your home buying adventure. Continue reading “First Time Home Buyer Questions and Answers”

Attention Twilight Fans in Panama City Beach!

If you are a fan of the Twilight saga and are gearing up for the latest installment “Eclipse” (due out in theaters tomorrow, June 30th) then you need to head to the BRAND NEW Panama City Beach library tonight at 6:30 pm!

The library is hosting a premiere party, where fans of all ages can mingle and share in the excitement that the latest movie is already bringing to the community and indeed the rest of the world! Continue reading “Attention Twilight Fans in Panama City Beach!”

Le Grand Cirque Destin: A Show You Have To See To Believe

On a chunk of land behind Sandestin’s Grand Boulevard, three white tents stretch to the sky, surrounded by large signs pointing to the main attraction: Le Grand Cirque, which my friend and I are here to experience on a balmy Thursday night.

This traveling show, comparable to Cirque de Soleil, has garnered high praise for its amazing stunts. The excitement builds when we enter the first tent, which serves as a foyer and looks like an actual building with black-and-white checkered flooring and realistic “walls” behind the snack bar and box office. A cluster of umbrellas hang upside down from the tent’s peak, draped in fabrics, beads and white lights.

The arena in the auditorium tent is intimate, with stadium seating close to the stage. Music pulses and red and blue lights travel through fog as a mime warms up the audience. When he finishes performers flood the stage in a flurry of sound and color, climbing poles the height of the tent using only their hands, extending their bodies horizontally and wrapping themselves around and upside down. They descend the poles headfirst using only their feet to stop them, while other acrobats climb billowy sheets dangling from the ceiling and yet others perform stunts on the ground. Continue reading “Le Grand Cirque Destin: A Show You Have To See To Believe”

Hundreds Gather Against Offshore Drilling – Hands Across The Sand

It was a BEAUTIFUL Saturday in Panama City Beach, and if one didn’t watch the news (or follow pcbdaily), one might have no idea oil from the Deep Water Horizon is looming in the Gulf, posing a serious threat to our coastal living.

On June 26, 2010, hundreds gathered behind Spinnaker Beach Club to draw a line in the sand to say “No to new offshore oil drilling, and Yes to clean energy “. How did they do this? By joining hands.

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UPDATE: No Oil in Panama City Beach

With winds predominantly from the east and south east, the plume and additional oil product has stayed away from us the last 10 days keeping the amount of oil product, including tarballs, sheen and other effects from the Deep Horizon Oil Spill off our beaches.  Over the weekend, there was very few scattered debris with signs of oil on it reported in just a few areas on Panama City Beach.  Very few tarballs have been reported in Panama City Beach in the last 10 days.

Right now, the forecast looks good for Fourth of July weekend.

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No Tarballs Reported in Panama City Beach in Days

Easterly and southeasterly winds have kept the oil spill plume away from us this week with nothing more than a few scattered pieces of oil soaked debris coming ashore up and down Panama City Beach.  As recently as last weekend, we had landfall of tarballs from the Deepwater Horizon oil spill that’s still discharging into the gulf.

Bay County is being very proactive in minimizing any impact that we may see from the oil spill in Panama City Beach and our surrounding areas.  Efforts include building a complex boom gate system in the pass to limit any “product” from entering inland water ways, ordering 13 beach rakes (3 on their way, 10 more ordered), 4 skimmers working 7 miles off shore skimming product as it nears, and over 300 BP contractors are patrolling the beach non-stop surveying for any signs of oil making landfall.  Over the last couple days, contractors have begun nighttime operations as well with over 1,000 more people ready to be deployed for cleanup efforts if and when needed.

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“Robust” Booming System Being Built in Pass

Work on a reinforced, “robust” booming system for the St. Andrew Pass began yesterday morning after the Bay County Commission unanimously approved the plan at a special meeting Tuesday afternoon.

Crews are began driving the first of 18 42-inch steel pilings and eight pile dolphins (each consisting of three pilings attached together with a cap on them). The pilings vary in length depending on the depth of the water, and extend at least 10 feet above the mean high tide level. The boom is comprised of 30-inch diameter, two-inch thick high-density polyethylene (HDPE) pipe and will have a 48-inch long HDPE fabric weighted skirt hanging below the pipe.
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Panama City Beach Fights Oil Spill with Real Fun Summer

Panama City Beach, the REAL.FUN.BEACH. destination which recently celebrated the opening of its brand new $318 million Northwest Florida Beaches International Airport (ECP), is not letting the potential impact from the Gulf Coast off-shore oil spill deter its plans to provide visitors with a quintessential summer experience.  While the destination’s sugar-white sand beaches are open for the enjoyment of all, Panama City Beach is showcasing its distinctive on-shore offerings by launching SUMMER OF FUN, a season-long, city-wide beach celebration.

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