Oil Spill Barely Hurts June Bed Tax Collections

Despite a very dismal looking outlook at the beginning of the summer, the actual numbers for June are showing nearly even bed tax collections this year, compared to last year.  In June, a total of $1,88,269.21 was collected.  This compares to $1,946,037.92 in tax revenue that was collected in June of 2009.  The actual variance is just over $61,000, or -3.17%.

This was an interesting summer, we had tons of things lined up to all but guarantee the best summer tourist season we’ve had in years.  Ironically, right before the season began, there was what some may call a monstrous accident just a few short hundred miles away.  After a summer of weekly and even daily threats, the damaged perception left our local industry practically starving for business and pleading with their customers to keep their reservations.  The rental climate changed from one of knowing how the numbers were going to be all summer before Memorial Day, to guessing what the next week would hold for rental revenue.  Shops and restaurants had no idea what to expect, but were bracing for the worst.  Talking to retailers and resorts, numbers were way off this year.  Obviously some fared better than others, but overall most suffered to some degree.

But lets get back to the bed tax numbers.  The numbers were only down 3.17% this year.  That doesn’t seem all bad, right?  Well, you have to consider that a deficit of any amount is going to spread hurt across the board.  You have to consider that with any new additions to the rental or retail inventory, plus some businesses ability to reach their customers over other businesses, that 3.17% can mean quite a different story for different people.

All in all, I think we are blessed to have done as well as we did, in Panama City Beach, despite the looming threat that impaled the perception of our beach this summer.  Hopefully next year no outside forces will impede all the work that has been put into increasing our local tourism business.

July’s numbers should be out within the week, which will be the real test to see how the summer really fared.  Stay tuned!

World's Greatest Pre-Season Tailgate Party Spirit Parade – in Pictures

What a weekend! The World’s Greatest Pre-Season Tailgate Party continued on Saturday, August 28th 2010 with a Spirit Parade at Pier Park – where fans turned out to show support for their favorite teams.  Numerous schools brought along cheerleaders, mascots and former players to be part of the parade, which included FSU, Georgia Tech, Alabama, Vanderbilt and more. Check out our pics! Continue reading “World's Greatest Pre-Season Tailgate Party Spirit Parade – in Pictures”

Sara Evans Plays the Beach at Boardwalk – in Pictures

As part of the World’s Greatest Pre-Season Tailgate Party, country superstar Sara Evans performed hit after hit on the beach at the Boardwalk Resort on Friday, August 27th 2010.  Even with the threat of further rain showers and some fairly blustery winds, the crowd was in great spirits as the wet weather stayed away and Sara put on a fantastic show! Continue reading “Sara Evans Plays the Beach at Boardwalk – in Pictures”

Panama City Beach Condo Market Update

Your friends at www.condosaletrends.com have been searching for a little good news in the Panama City Beach Condo market.  The beaches look great.  Pier Park looks great. The new airport looks great.  The condo market looks a little ragged.

The following is our analysis of sales and re-sales from the 75 buildings contained in the condosaletrends.com data base. Developer sales not listed in the MLS were not included because we cannot confirm the existence of or lack of seller concessions.

There were significantly more sales during the first three months of 2010 compared to 2009 with fewer sales since May.  July sales took a steep downturn with approximately 40% fewer sales than 2009.  August doesn’t look much better. The oil spill didn’t help but the primary reason is due to the weak economy and the generally pessimistic outlook held by potential buyers.

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Seafood Fest May Get Another $150k from CVB

The oil spill threat this summer took it’s toll on the opportunity for us to have a slammin’, jammin’ summer, but it wasn’t all bad.  Our image was certainly tarnished, our tourism numbers were down a bit, but on the plus side, the Panama City Beach Convention and Visitor’s Bureau received $2 million from BP to be used for marketing the beaches of Panama City Beach.  This influx of marketing money has saved our CVB $750,000 from their regular marketing budget this year so far and has freed up some cash to use in other arenas.

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World's Greatest Pre-Season Tailgate Party Kicks Off – LoCash Cowboys Play Tonight!

The Pier Park summer concert series may be over for the 2010 season – but tonight Aaron Bessant Park will be showcasing one of the best concerts of the year – and it’s all part of the World’s Greatest Pre-Season Tailgate Party!  This exciting 3 day sporting extravaganza starts today with a celebrity golf tournament at Hombre Golf Club, and kicks off with a big bang as the LoCash Cowboys perform their dynamic live show tonight! Continue reading “World's Greatest Pre-Season Tailgate Party Kicks Off – LoCash Cowboys Play Tonight!”

Southwest Airlines Marketing Working

One of the cool things about bringing in Southwest Airlines to the new Northwest Florida Beaches International Airport was that we get to take advantage of SWA’s amazing marketing success. This proven track record of creating an immense brand awareness so far has proven invaluable so far in marketing Panama City Beach, and it couldn’t come at a better time.

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Get Ready for the World’s Greatest Pre-Season Tailgate Party!

This weekend, Panama City Beach is pulling out all the stops and hosting a city-wide tailgate party to get you in the mood for football season – the likes of which has never been seen before!

From big name concerts to parades and championship games, you’ll have a blast whatever team you support. Even if you’re like me and don’t really follow football, this tailgate party is going to create such a buzz around town that you won’t be able to help getting caught up in it all!  I will be covering all the action and will be posting pics daily, so watch this space if you can’t make it out to any of the events. Continue reading “Get Ready for the World’s Greatest Pre-Season Tailgate Party!”

FREE Tickets to Little Shop of Horrors

It’s been a while since we’ve done a give away, but we have a couple last minute tickets to the Little Shop of Horrors play that’s being put on by the talented folks over at the Kaleidoscope Theatre.  The show’s last few runs are this week, specifically August 27, 28, and 29.  All show times are at 7:30 pm, except for on Sunday the 29th, which plays at 2 pm.

Since the show is this weekend, we’re gonna make this short.  The contest will end on Wednesday at 5 pm cst, to give you time to come get the tickets.

Comment to win, below.

Here are the rules:

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PCB TDC to Meet, Discuss Summer Marketing Updates, Bed Tax Numbers

Tuesday, August 24, the Panama City Beach Tourist Development Council (known around these parts as the TDC) will meet to discuss various invoices to be paid, the possible build of a new Monument Sign, this summer’s bed tax numbers from June and July and a few other things that we’ll report on in greater detail tomorrow.

It’s been a couple of months since they’ve held a TDC meeting, but they’re usually pretty fun.  And, we’re always on top of covering them and providing the latest as to what’s happening, live, during the meeting.  Instead of cluttering up your Facebook feed with status updates on our page, we’ll hop over to our Twitter feed and post regular updates on what’s happening during the meeting.

For reference, here are the links.

The meeting will be at 9 am and will be held in the Council Room at the City Buildings in Panama City Beach.

Read on for the full agenda.

Or, you can just click here to download it.

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