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Get the weekly newsletter. With so much content, sometimes its hard to keep up.  Stay up to date with the weekly newsletter that summarizes all of the previous week’s activity on  We Constant Contact to deploy our newsletters.  This system allows us to track subscribers and unsubscribers, and also allows us to track what’s popular.

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Follow us on Twitter. One of the hottest ways to stay instantly connected, Twitter allows us to send quick updates via our mobile phones.  In addition, it enables you, as a reader, to receive quick updates via email, instant message or text message on their mobile devices.  This is cool, especially when we are at special events, auctions or meetings.  As the action happens, you’ll know within seconds.  Also, throughout the day, we may send updates on what we are doing as we collect stories, take pictures, attend events, watch the sunset, or whatever.

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Subscribe to our RSS feed. Are you addicted to information?  If your co-worker is looking at you weird right now because you just said yes to your screen, chances are that you already know all about RSS.  RSS is short for Real Simple Syndication.  Whenever a new article is published on, your RSS reader is updated automatically with a special link to the article.  I know, it’s magic.

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