Comments on the TDC/CVB FY 2009 Budget

As Jason posted, a special meeting of the TDC/CVB board has been called for Tuesday, September 2nd at 9:00 AM. Based on the Agenda and an August 29th letter from President Dan Rowe to the Board, I believe the board will actually vote on the FY 2009 budget on Tuesday rather than just discuss it. It is so amazing that the “New” TDC now appears to be engaging in a budget process that has been basically closed to public knowledge or input. During Tuesday’s meeting, I hope that the board explains the following:

1. Why is the board scheduled to “Consider for Approval” the FY 2009 budget at the same meeting when it is being publicly discussed for the first time? While I understand that the budget needs to be presented to the County Commission for approval by the end of September, I have no idea why the CVB has waited till the last minute to schedule the first and apparently last public meetings on the subject?

2. Why has the special meeting been scheduled on the first business day after the holiday weekend? And why was it announced just one business day before taking place?

Check after the break for more shenanigans!

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TDC Meeting on Tuesday – to Discuss Budgets, Fun!

With the off-season pretty much here, regular TDC meetings will begin ramping up yet again.  Although this meeting has been called a “special” meeting, I think you’ll start seeing these agendas more often.

At the meeting Tuesday, budgets will be discuss for Panama City Beach, Mexico Beach, and Bay County.  Also, discussed will be fiscal year 2009/2010 TDC Plan Ordinance.

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Painting the Buildings in White Alys Beach

This weekend will be Digital Graffiti competition at Alys Beach. For those of you that don’t know Alys Beach, this awesome area of 30A consists of all-white buildings with an architectural style that is totally unlike what you would expect here. The first time I drove through it I was completely taken by surprise at how absolutely beautiful it is.

With over 150 entries from around the world, artists will compete for over $6,500 in cash prizes. The art will be projected onto the pristine walls, and the event will run from 7 to 11pm.

For more information, visit

ACLU – Penetration of the Bible Belt

This isn’t exactly breaking news,nor is it new that the ACLU is in the headlines. But,the long-common religious and spiritual traditions often found in official proceedings in many local public forums is subject to the scrutinizing eye of the American Civil Liberties Union

If you are a left wing radical apposed to prayer in a public forum or even PDR (public display of religion), jump ship now because you are bound to be offended. Maybe I’ll be offended by you being offended.

Coming from Big City Dallas, even back in 2001, prayer had long been banned from public events such as graduation ceremonies or public meetings. Even though I wasn’t as religious as I am now, I found great comfort when a prayer was said at the opening of my graduation ceremony in 2004. Even as recently as the ground-breaking of the new Airport a prayer was heard at the opening of the ceremony. I continue to find great comfort that amidst the much local and political turmoil and opposition, we all still seem to agree that this country was founded on the very freedom that we would never have had if it were not for the good graces from our Heavenly Father above.

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Ratatouille Plays at the Tapestry Park Cinema Friday Night

View an Oscar-Winning Family Favorite on the Big Screen at Tapestry Park

Hands-on Art Project Offered Prior to the Movie

PANAMA CITY BEACH, FL (August 26, 2008) – The 3rd installment of the Tapestry Park Cinema event will take place this Friday, August 29th, in Savannah Park at Bay County’s newest Traditional Neighborhood Development, Tapestry Park.

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Walk too long? Take the Tram at Pier Park!

A new feature at Pier Park has proudly carried many names such as The Love Shuttle, Party Bus or Red Schlepper. Many requested it and thousands made good use of it throughout the summer. With no particular route, the Pier Park Tram (a formal name to be given early next month) can be seen wandering the various corridors of traffic of the south and north portions of Pier Park.

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Election – New School Board Members, Same County Commission

With two of the three county commission seats narrowly retained Bill Dozier smashed his opponent, John Salak by almost 7,000 votes, 19,399 to 12,701. Mike Thomas won 9,885 to Jim Lawson’s 9,034.

Ryan Neves took out Johnny Brock a whopping 19,231 to 13,444.

For all the results, check after the break.

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New Airport is on Schedule – Construction Update

The construction of the new airport is on schedule with paving of the runway to begin in 12 weeks. With over 40 million cubic yards of material moved since the beginning, still much work is to be done – obviously.

I’m not telling you anymore, you’ll just have to watch the video after the break.

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Grand Lagoon National Postponed until October

New Tournament Fishing Schedule Released for Oct. 3 – Oct. 5, 2008 in Panama City Beach

PANAMA CITY BEACH, Fla. (August 25, 2008) As a sign of commitment to participants, anglers, and festival attendees from both far & near, the Grand Lagoon National Tournament has rescheduled tournament activities for October 3rd, 4th and 5th in Panama City Beach.

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