New Airport is on Schedule – Construction Update

The construction of the new airport is on schedule with paving of the runway to begin in 12 weeks. With over 40 million cubic yards of material moved since the beginning, still much work is to be done – obviously.

I’m not telling you anymore, you’ll just have to watch the video after the break.

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11 thoughts on “New Airport is on Schedule – Construction Update

  1. Jason: Thanks for the update. Have they announced which airlines will be servicing the new airport. I am hoping Southwest but I have yet to see an announcemnt.


  2. Thank you for this update. Great job!! Will be sharing this with as many people as possible. Nice to see some positive news in the midst of all the “Doom and Gloom”.


  3. Jason,

    The “Airport in a fog” article on states the airport is over budget and there is concern they will not be able to pave the runways with concrete but rather asphalt. I read earlier this could jeapordize access to the new airport by larger planes. From this article it is not as rosey a picture as you’re painting.



  4. Please, please, please let there be Southwest Airline service. We are in the center of 5 hour points to the nearest SW service—Birmingham,Orlando,Jacksonville,New Orleans.



  5. Airlines start new service to a city when the passenger load will allow the route to be profitable, not when a new airport is built.

    Southwest, Airtran, and anyone else could serve PCB right now as the runway is long enough and there are available gates.

    Eventually this area will grow and new airlines will come, but not anytime soon.



  6. Is the entrance to the airport on 79? There’s a lot of construction along 79, but I’ve not seen any signs for the new airport location.

    Little Fish


  7. I recently heard from a county tax appraiser that the terminal building came in at 30 million over budget! They apparently are now looking for a way to make up the shortfall and there has been discussions of shortening the runways which would defeat the purpose of the new facility. Any truth to this, and if so, why hasn’t the public been made aware of this hurdle?? I guess this would devestate the current optimism that this new airport is generating. Any factual comments would be appreciated.


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