FAA Approves New Airport Extension to 10,000 Feet

We’ve been waiting for it and now it’s here.  The FAA finally approved the runway extension at the new airport in West Bay to 10,000 feet.  Right now the runway is 8,400 feet.  The new airport, recently renamed Northwest Florida Beaches International Airport is poised to open mid May 2010 and is on schedule and almost ready to begin FAA test flights.

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Experience the Best of Panama City Beach – From Yesterday and Today.

Panama City Beach has seen such tremendous growth lately, sometimes it’s hard to remember how things used to be before Pier Park and numerous other exciting additions became fixtures on our community landscape. One thing’s for certain, Panama City Beach is fast becoming one of America’s hottest travel destinations. Thanks to the international airport opening in May and an unlimited number of new dining, lodging and shopping options popping up at every turn, Panama City Beach will be almost unrecognizable from the small traditional beach town it once was. Of course, the laid-back, southern vibe will remain, and thankfully Panama City Beach will always be…well, Panama City Beach. Here’s a look at some of the best lodging, attractions, nightlife, dining and shopping – from the perspective of Panama City Beach both old and new.

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10 Places to Enjoy a Thanksgiving Feast in Panama City Beach – No Cooking Required.

Turkey day is almost upon us once again, and although there’s nothing quite as wonderful as a mouthwatering Thanksgiving spread complete with all the trimmings, the cooking and clean up part isn’t everyone’s idea of fun. Perhaps your family lives out of town and you don’t relish the idea of whipping up a turkey dinner for one at home, or maybe you and your close friends are looking for somewhere local to spend this oh-so delicious holiday together. If you plan on eating out this Thanksgiving, you’re in for a treat. Check out our list of restaurants in the Panama City Beach area that will be serving up turkey with a side of holiday fun and good company.

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The Art of the Mini Vacation Part 1

You’ve taken big vacations before. You’ve saved up sick days and vacation time all year long, planned a huge two-week trip, bought airline tickets, rented vehicles, bargained a sitter for the dog—the whole nine. The vacation is great but you get back to the job to find your work piled up and you can’t get away again for another year. That’s no fun. But what if you could vacation any time you wanted? This is where the mini-vacation tosses on a cape and saves the day…or the entire weekend.

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Make No Mistake, the Purpose of the New Airport is to MAKE MONEY

Often I receive all sorts of cynical comments about the construction of the new airport in Panama City Beach.  This is, in fact, one of my favorite topics to debate, I love hearing what everyone has to say and I love forming rebuttals.  So this is the first of a series of posts that I want to walk down the line of some of the comments I get and open it all up for conversation in the comments below.

I’ll list out the cynical comments, then I’ll explain why they are so off base, you’ll see why the new airport has NOTHING to do with bringing “Aunt Pearl” home.

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