Pet of the Week: Kalob


Kalob is a 3 1/2 month old, beautiful Austrailian Sheperd mix that is looking for his forever family. He is shy at first but very personable once he warms up. He loves to play with other pups and toys. He has the most beautiful markings and coat and light, blue eyes that are like looking into the clear sea.
Kalob was from a very special litter and would like you to consider adding him to your family. Please see him as well as his mother and brothers at

Pet of the Week: Pixie

pixiePixie is a GORGEOUS 1 year old Siamese with the most beautiful markings. She was a mom when she came to us and is so sweet and loving and will come to you when you walk in the room.  She longs for a family to welcome her and love her!

Forget about those Dog Days of summer, it’s time for the Cat Craze of the summer! Now through the end of August, adopt one of our gorgeous fully vetted cats or kittens for only $25! Check out our beauties at Not finding what you are looking for? We have several cats and kittens not on the site, send us an email at to see if we have what you are looking for.

Be sure to check out our Events page to see where we are going to be each week doing adoptions!

Pet of the Week – Jake the Jack Russell/Chi mix

jake-3Jake is a lively, 1.5-2 year old Jack Russell/Chi mix that came from a high-kill shelter. His time was up, and the shelter director just knew he was too much of a gem to not find a family. We took him, and he is truly a sweetheart! He is housebroken, and SO friendly and good with everyone. He loves to go for walks and play with other doggies.

Unfortunately, the vet told us Jake is Heartworm positive and needs treatment as soon as possible. He is an excellent candidate due to his age and otherwise health, and we want to help Jake.

We pray someone finds it in their hearts to not only help us sponsor Jake’s vet bill, but also to give him that forever home that he longs for and deserves.

Pet of the Week And Special for June!?

Pet of the Week: Mia

mia-in-sancutaryThis week’s pet is very special because she has been with us for months since she had babies. They all contracted an upper respiratory infection and were treated by Dr. Barr at Freeport Pet Clinic until they recovered. Mia is such a beautiiful, loving cat. She is definitely looking for a family that will let her be the only cat because she isn’t fond of other cats, and dogs aren’t her favorite animals. She is still mommy to all the babies in our sanctuary and is waiting for her forever family to take her home. She is already spayed and up-to-date on shots and ready to go home!

June is Adopt-A-Shelter Cat Month and we have a special offer. You can adopt a cat or kitten this month for $25.00 and a donation of cat litter. They have been completely vetted and will come with 1st and possibly 2nd shots, feline leukemia test, dewormed, spay/neuter certificate and rabies certificate.  It cost us much more to vet them, but we want to adopt our cats and kittens this month and join in helping more shelter cats find homes.

Friends of Bay County Animal Rescue is here to help the community and we would love for you to visit our site and call us or email if you have any questions about any of our pets. We also have a food bank for pets called Kritter Kupboard if you need temporary help with dog or cat food due to finances, as well as a low-cost spay/neuter program.

Pet of The Week – Friends of Bay County Animal Rescue

smudge-2This week’s pet of the week is Smudge, an fun-loving Terrier mix.

Smudge was a tiny girl to start and has grown into an adorable little fuzzy faced Terrier Mix who just wants lots of love and has high energy.  She is very sweet and loves to sit with you, but is also rambunctious and full of spirit and very playful.  Smudge will snack on raw carrots and play with her toys, and will also wait until she is let outside to use the potty.

She would love a forever home that had a fenced yard and lots of room for her to run and play, and where her family would spend time with her.

You may see more about her at

Pet of The Week – Friends of Bay County Animal Control

052609_pet_callieThis week’s pet of the week is Callie, a multi-colored young cat in need of a great home.

Callie was very surprising when she first came to us in foster care. She was very shy and scared, but quickly became accustomed to her new home and became best friends with Miss Prissy. She enjoys being indoors and in the company of her family. Callie is looking for a forever home that will love her and treat her like a queen.
We estimate her to be 1 year of age, and Callie is spayed and up-to-date on her vaccinations.   You may see more about her at