The CRA is NOT a Bust [REPORT]

Every since The News Herald ran an article stating that the CRA progress will slow due to the economic downturn, we’ve been fielding a seemingly endless stream of questions.  Concerned residents, condo owners and vacationers are worried that the existing CRA construction would halt, leaving gaping holes in road-work progress and landmark eyesores all over east Panama City Beach.  This article should offer some clarification along with a warm cup of good news.

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Secrets of PCB – Salty Sue’s

Welcome to our Secrets of Panama City Beach series, showing you things about the beach, you’ve never dreamed of.

January is in the process of packing up it’s toys and that sneaky spring break season is peeking around the corner.

It’s still a bit chilly, but with a collective yawn, the whole town seems to be stirring from it’s sleepy winter mode and we are HUNGRY.

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Weekend weather – Just right for January. Warm and sunny.

Looking for local weekend weather updates? Bookmark our Weather category!

Have you ever seen anything like this weather? Sun in an azure sky, and that Gulf!

So gorgeous!  This is what January SHOULD be. No cars frozen to the ground, no aching joints, just air and sun and freedom.
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Merle Haggard Jan 27 Marina Civic Center

Merle’s life reads like a tall tale that for most of us, we could  only experience by living vicariously through a character in a fictional novel.

However, Merle lives life the only way he can, as his own character in a life built around music, a few early years of petty crime and iron will.

His (Summarized) Story

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PCB Strawberry Festival

The Panama City Beach Strawberry Festival, Valentine’s Day Weekend  (Sat & Sun, Feb 12-13) at Aaron Bessant Park Amphitheater.

The Festival will include  Sweet Farm Fresh Strawberries, Great Music, Hay Rides, Free Games for kids, Green Amusement Rides, Tons of vendors, Great Food, Miss Strawberry Pageant, Country Music Singing Contest, Car Show and Much Much More!

Event Schedule

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A Special Thanks to our Sponsors

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But first, an apology.

The last time I published a thank you note to our sponsors, I made a critical mistake on our Hidden Dunes listing.  Our friends at Hidden Dunes have been gracious in this mistake, but I wanted to take an opportunity to set the record straight.  I made a mistake, and I’m sorry.  Please find in this post the corrected description, and give them some love, they truly are a special resort in Panama City Beach.

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Hidden Dunes: PCB’s Hidden Treasure

Panama City Beach’s popularity and legend can be attributed to a single perception: when vacationers come to the emerald coast, it “feels” like their beach. They get front row views to one of the most magnificent coastlines in all of America and can walk to their favorite restaurants and shopping plazas. They know the hotel staff by name, know exactly the spot around the pool they plan to lounge and when they leave they remember the room number for next year. This beach is their beach. Although some of this mystique has changed over the years, a few places have maintained it, nurtured it and can provide vacationers a perfect blend of personal service and the exclusivity they have come to expect. One such place is Hidden Dunes. Continue reading “Hidden Dunes: PCB’s Hidden Treasure”