Subway Opens in Pier Park

For those of you wanting to “eat fresh” in Pier Park, now you can.  Subway opened today, in place of a highly troubled Sheesha Cafe in what would have been a loud outbreak of applause, had it all happened in front of a live studio audience.

Some of you may recognize Subway as that good ‘ol sub shop that was made infamous with Jared Fogle in the 90’s touting some really huge pants as a garment that previously was “his size.”  I’ll forever remember subway as one of those great lunch places in which I can get a $5 sub in midst of great company.

Subway’s recent ad campaign includes a promotion on Facebook in which they are offering any of their foot long subs for $5, dubbed Februany.

So, where was this place called Sheesha Cafe that now holds the warm aroma of fresh bread and cold cuts?  Easy.  Right next to Starbucks, across from the Grand, around the corner from Marble Slab, in the promo area and next to what may soon be confirmed as the first Schlotzsky’s on the beach.

5 thoughts on “Subway Opens in Pier Park

  1. I am not a fan of Subway. Veterans Day my husband & I went to Subway after all the Veterans get a free 6″ sub advertisements. We went to one and we were told “we do not do the Veteran thing here”. So we went around the beach to see if any of the Subways in Panama City Beach were actually participating in this promotion. NONE of them did! None of the people running the Subways could speak proper English. To Advertise and not participate in the offer after someone has served his country overseas fighting for this country is just not right! They would not have lost much but a 6 inch sub. I was going to eat there as well and of course he needed a drink and chips to make it a meal. We were very disappointed in Subway and their FALSE Advertising. They should change the slogan to Eat fresh but never free even if you are a Veteran of this Country. Hope this New subway is doing things the right way.


  2. Subway just doesn’t seem to fit in Pier Park. No offense, but it seems out of place in the whole theme oriented motiffe at Pier Park. Maybe Simon is loosening their stringent standards in this economy. Is it true that McDonald’s and Burger King are coming next? Besides, how many Subways do we already have on the beach?


  3. Yeah, you are right. There are a lot of Subways. Can’t say I didn’t see it coming though. We still live in a small town. Panama City doesn’t have a huge demographic, yet. Most people are here during spring and summer. People aren’t going to come year ’round for Ripley’s or Wonderworks. It is about time they finally put something huge here so when it’s too cold for the beach people from all over will come here all year to enjoy big attractions like, let’s say the Six Flags and House of Blues that have been rumors for so long. When bigger and better attractions finally come here, then you will probably see more above average dining places in Pier Park and probably more Subways along Back Beach or something. I will say that I’m happy and excited to see how the CRA turns out. It’s something we’ve been needing for such a longgggggggggg time! Maybe we won’t be the “Redneck Rivera” or Panama Sh***y anymore!


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