Everything is different now…

Once upon a time, I had a dream.  This dream was to write about the economic development of Panama City Beach, as it related to real estate, growth and tourism, but do it in a way that was different than traditional journalism.

This all started when I was in the real estate business in 2006.

Fast forward to the present, I credit PCBDaily with where I am today.  This great effort built the platform for which I was able to grow personally and professionally and nurtured all the skills, talents and habits that drive my success today.

The object of PCBDaily, when it was active, was to provide a personal level of information that you couldn’t find anywhere else.  I was busy at it for several years, but I knew I wouldn’t do it forever.

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CHANGE OF DATE for Celebrate the Arts!

Mother Nature has spoken! Due to rainy weather predicted for tomorrow, Celebrate the Arts has been postponed until Saturday, April 4th. The silver lining of this rainy cloud is that we will now have more time to get even more prizes and art vendors so mark your calendars to attend. Spread the word, invite your friends and family and help us to make this a grand day for a great cause!


Celebrate the Arts this Saturday!

This Saturday, March 14th marks the 4th annual Celebrate the Arts at HARLEY-DAVIDSON Panama City Beach from 11am – 4pm. (Proceeds benefit Beach Care Services). The event will host various local artists as well as a celebrity fashion show and lunch auction and an overall good time!  Sponsored by: Cerulean Interiors and Beachy Beach Real Estate. 4th-Annual-Celebrate-the-Arts-flyer-791x1024

Here’s a few artist spotlights…

Terrah Waynick of the Shadow Box breathes life into old and worn out furniture pieces – the creations are coastal chic evident by way of color, nautical motifs and the use of natural and marine materials. The Shadow Box is located at 1711 Thomas Drive, but you can find some of her work on display and for sale this weekend at Celebrate the Arts at Harley-Davidson Panama City Beach.

Lynn Goble of Just Beachin’ is known for her hand made specialty items like barefoot sandals and removable hair wraps. She also crafts bullet jewelry and personalized gifts like skins from baseballs and softballs for moms that love the game or simply showing your team spirit. Visit her facebook page to see photos of more creative gems.

Various other artists such as Judy Kish of Sea Maiden Pearl Co, Jared Baldwin, Dianne Register, Roy Zenner, Sharon Kater, Charlotte Hedrick, Chandler Hayes, Christina Turner and Tana Plyler to name a few! Bring your family, have fun and help raise money for a worthy cause – SEE YOU SATURDAY!

Don’t Get Spooked by Tax Deadlines in October!

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It’s that time of year again….Quarterlies! Bet you thought I was going to say Fall, Halloween, Breast Cancer Awareness, Color Runs, etc, etc, etc. You are busy, your kids are busy, your family is busy but most of all your business is busy. So with everything going on this month, to throw one more cog into the mix it’s time for quarterly sales tax and quarterly employment taxes. Don’t let the deadlines sneak up on you and cost you penalties and interest.

So just consider this your friendly reminder – mark your calendars, sales tax filing is due by 10/20 – make sure if you are paying on line you file by the 17th to avoid an internet delay. Payroll tax if you pay quarterly is due by the end of the month, you can mail your payment in with your 941 form. If you pay your payroll tax bi-weekly or monthly even though you are current on payment you still must mail off your 941 by 10/31.

Now is also the time to take some time and review your books before we start the last quarter of the year. This way you can catch any errors, make any changes, re-evaluate your budget and just do a general clean up before year end.

As always, you can always give me a call to help you navigate any bookkeeping issues or set up electronic tax payments to save you time & money!

Lauree Adams
Adams Business Solutions, Inc
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The beach and seashells are synonymous – you can’t have one without the other! Read on to learn about the Gulf Coast Shell Club and what they’re currently doing in the Panama City Beach area and their upcoming events. As the children’s tongue twister song goes… Sally sells seashells by the seashore, but while Sally may sell them by the shore it’s not likely she found them there – at least not the perfect ones. Strangely enough, the worst place to look for seashells is by the seashore. Not many species live in that rough and tumble surf and those that do wash up on the shore in good condition, are usually only after strong storms. It’s better to look in sheltered bays or dive offshore. It’s interesting to note that the best shelling times are in December and January.

Many people frequent northwest Florida to visit the beautiful beaches of the emerald coast every year and it’s common for tourists to grab a few shells to take home as a keepsake. However, there are many beachcombers so enamored by seashells that they study and research them to the point they can identify them not only by their common names, but also their scientific names. Formed in 1980, the Gulf Coast Shell Club (GCSC) of Panama City is filled with such shell admirers. Members of GCSC are a group of people interested in shells, where they live, how and where to find them, and all other aspects of their lives and beauty and uses.

They meet on the second Tuesday of every month to enjoy food and fellowship with other shell enthusiasts, win raffle prizes for unique shells, and to participate in guest speaker programs. Since its inception the primary goals of GCSC have been the detailed cataloguing of the marine mollusks of the Florida Panhandle and educating the general public on the beauty and diversity of these shells. GCSC has been instrumental in collecting data on several range extensions in the area and club founder, Bob Granda even discovered a species that was named in his honor. “We maintain a list of species found here and provide it to scientists and other collectors. We also watch changes in habitat for if the habitat is altered or destroyed, so it’s our hobby and study,” said GCSC officer, Jim Brunner. “Some people get interested in shells by finding something on the beach and wondering what they found. To this end GCSC published a book to help visitors and residents identify what they find.” Two editions of the book, Seashells of the Florida Panhandle have been published over the years and many reprints have been made due to popularity and demand.

The book contains data on over 203 shells although there are over 600 species that have been identified in this area. This non-profit organization donates to local colleges and environmental programs to assist their needs and to provide scholarships. Their pinnacle event is the annual Shell Show – this will be their 17th show to be held July 19-20, 2014 at the Panama City Beach Senior Center at 423 Lyndell Lane. Saturday’s venue will be from 9:00 am – 6:00 pm and on Sunday it will run from 10:00 am – 5:00 pm. Admission for adults is a mere $2.00 and for children it’s only $1.00. The event is a collaboration of scientific and artistic exhibits. There will be categories for marine shells, land shells and freshwater shells and also an entry for fossils. In addition, there will be a category for sea life which covers echinoderms, starfish, and sand dollars. Scientific judges are Dr. Emily Vokes, who studied murex and worked to expand knowledge about shells, living and fossil and Dr. Emilio Garcia of Louisiana State University. Artistic judges are Phyllis Gray of Orlando, Florida and Merlyn Jones of Panama City. Various awards will be presented. So if you want to attend an educational family friendly event that’s easy on the budget, don’t miss out on the 2014 Shell Show. For more info visit: gulfcoastshellclub.weebly.com.

Tips and Tricks for Dealing with Air Handler Condensation

Your air handler is essentially the indoor component of your central air conditioner. If condensation is forming on the air handler, it can cause some serious problems in your home. It can discolor the concrete upon which it is mounted or even destroy your crawlspace. Here are some excellent tips for stopping this condensation in its tracks.

Check the Duct Insulation

Any time warm, humid air comes into contact with a cold metal surface (such as the ductwork protruding from your air handler), there is going to be condensation. As such, your first and simplest step is to check that your ducts are all completely and properly insulated. Even an inch of exposed ductwork can create enough condensation to create a problem.

Seal the Crawlspace

If the air handler itself is mounted at the crawlspace, then it is important to ensure that the crawlspace is correctly sealed. Otherwise, in the summer months, the warm air that is under your home will rise up through the floors and cause your air handler to ‘sweat’. There are many different ways to seal this crawlspace including plastic sheeting, the application of foam insulation to the foundation walls on the inside of the crawlspace, and more.

Check Your Airflow

If you have blockages in your ducts or a dirty filter, this can also cause a significant condensation issue. What happens is that the temperature of the air dips below the dew point (or the point at which condensation can form on surfaces) allowing significant sweating to occur on the exposed parts of your air handler. To fix this, you may only need to change your filter or check the ducts in your air handler.

Remove Drain Blockages

There is a drainage system within your air handler that is designed to remove any condensation from the inside of the unit. However, if this drain becomes clogged for any reason, or even if your air handler is off-level, the cold water will remain inside of your unit for a longer period of time. This can also add to condensation since it cools the temperature of the entire air handler significantly. You may be able to simply clear the blockage and remedy the issue within minutes.

Check the Temperature Setting

Again, this has a lot to do with the dew point. Essentially, when there is relative humidity in the air, there is a temperature at which condensation will begin; this is known as the dew point. In some cases, solving the issue may be as simple as raising the temperature in the home by one or two degrees so that condensation can no longer form. In others, the installation of a dehumidifier may be necessary.

Install a Larger Unitjimypic

Finally, significant condensation can occur if the central air conditioner itself is simply not large enough to cool your home. The purpose of the unit is to remove the humidity from the air so that the air can be cooled, but if the unit is too small to properly do that, the level of humidity in the home will stay higher, your home will stay warmer, but the air handler itself will be very cold. This causes large amounts of condensation that can truly cause damage in the home.

If you are experiencing condensation on your air handler and you cannot find the cause with these tips and tricks, please give the friendly agents at A Superior Air Conditioning a call. We will be happy to schedule an appointment to stop the condensation in its tracks.