Everything is different now…

Once upon a time, I had a dream.  This dream was to write about the economic development of Panama City Beach, as it related to real estate, growth and tourism, but do it in a way that was different than traditional journalism.

This all started when I was in the real estate business in 2006.

Fast forward to the present, I credit PCBDaily with where I am today.  This great effort built the platform for which I was able to grow personally and professionally and nurtured all the skills, talents and habits that drive my success today.

The object of PCBDaily, when it was active, was to provide a personal level of information that you couldn’t find anywhere else.  I was busy at it for several years, but I knew I wouldn’t do it forever.

The shelf-life of the content, however, was never intended to be short.  I’d always intended on keeping the information available to the public, for use and access for whatever reason any of you may have.  I personally find satisfaction in looking back at where our wonderful area was, where it went and reflect on where we are now – and how the documentation of the economic growth and development I did frames our future.

The site has laid dormant for some time, mostly due to my own laziness – or you could call it busyness – it’s all relative.

Keeping up a website has certain challenges and costs.  For one, you have to ensure malware isn’t infecting the site and its users.  For another, hosting costs are significant, along with site updates and maintenance.  I used to do it all, and enjoyed it – however now I’m busy running a company, spending time with my 7 kids and expanding into different markets.

I wanted to ensure the content I’d created about Panama City Beach could, more reasonably, live forever on the internet.  In order to do this, I migrated all the content to a hosted WordPress.com server – so the burden of maintenance is off my shoulders and the content would be readily available for whatever purpose you want it for.

Over the years, we had many authors and contributors, but in the migration, there was no easy way to properly credit them.  Most of the content from 2007 to 2009 was written by me, most of the content after that period was written by others we had on the team.

For years I’d dreamed of bring PCBDaily back in some form or another, but other priorities of life continued to come first.  Today, I’m choosing to relish in the past glory of this great effort, recognizing it for the great opportunity it was for me to serve you and the great community of Panama City Beach.  I’m grateful to have been a part of this and I hope this is a historical resource for anyone who wants to use it for years to come.

Thank you,

Jason Koertge, Founder

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