Pier Park Beach Ball Drop 2010 [Schedule]

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It seems like just a few days ago I was on the beach, marveling at how much sand my toddler managed to capture in his diaper. Yet, here we are, watching another year pack its bags, while preparing to welcome in the next guest of our calender year.

In an effort to keep 2010 from having hard feelings over being ushered out, Pier Park has been busy creating a New Year’s Eve bash guaranteed to welcome 2011 in with a bang, while helping 2010 leave feeling like a pimp.

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The History of the New Year’s Resolution

Out of nowhere today, I was hit with the realization that this time last year I was in the middle of having a bonafide meltdown, partially freaked out over just giving birth to our first baby and partially zombiefied from the lack of sleep (see aforementioned newborn).  Adding to the hormonal mayhem, my Mom had just been admitted into Hospice and within the next 10 days, would pass away.

Needless to say, I was emotionally confused over entering 2010 and looking back, I think the one resolution I made, was to just put my head down, and keep moving towards a better tomorrow.

Now that  2010  is getting hit with the door on it’s numerical butt, I’m overjoyed with the possibilities of 2011. My renewed sense of enthusiasm is heightened with the knowledge that last year is about to become a fading light and finally, FINALLY, I can see what the whole New Year’s Eve Resolution *hubaloo is all about.

It’s about leaving the old behind and turning to face a new day with the world giving you a chance to leave the old, the ugly and the out-dated, behind.

Yet, being someone who’s obsessed with traditions, history and “where it all began” concepts, I’ve begun to wonder about the story behind the New Year’s traditions that we now just accept as normal.

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Lakefront Home in Riviera Beach [$185k]

The Beach Show is part of our Real Estate category where we talk a bit about real estate in the Panama City Beach area.  If you have awesome video content you’d like us to feature, talk to us about advertising, and we’d be glad to consider your content.

This post originally appeared on The Beach Show which airs a new episode of super hot real estate deals each Wednesday morning.

This week they have ALL THREE DEALS under $186k.  The first one is on a quaint lake in Riviera Beach – a 3 bedroom, 2 bath with a covered car port.  Hot deal number 2 is also in Riviera Beach, similar size as hot deal number 1, but it comes in at only $130k.  These two seem very nice for the price.  Deal three is a split floor plan with a HUGE master bedroom.

Weekend Weather – Happy, Happy New Year!

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What a weekend. Have you heard the old chestnut that whatever you do on New Year’s Day is what you’ll be doing the entire year? I can’t think of a better argument for spending your weekend here on Panama City Beach! In addition to the Beach Ball Drop at Pier Park, many more New Year’s Eve events are beckoning… The temps are just right- not so warm you can’t wear that outfit; just bring a pair of hot boots and you’re off!
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New Airport STOMPS Old Airport Numbers [REPORT]

Northwest Florida International Airport is always a fun topic. Everyone loves to talk about it, read about it and quote words like “projected passenger travel” and “estimated” while throwing numbers around so fast, that even Superman is starting to look a little windburned.

While numbers and statistics are a necessary evil in the realm of progress, reports and city planning, I’m the kind of person who lives life in the blunt lane, so instead of telling me percentages, I need to know how these numbers translate into simple Good Move/Bad Move terms.

On the off chance, that you, too, might be this kind of person, let me translate the newest numbers from our lovely Northwest Florida International Airport.

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Top 10 MOST READ Stories 2010 [LIST]

Wow, this year’s been crazy interesting, eh?  From the Treasure Ship burning to the ground, to tarballs on our beaches to the brand spankin’ new international airport opening – we’ve certainly had some news-worthy things on the map.  We’ve seen traffic accelerate normally into the summer, then explode over the summer, crashing servers, then settle back down.  We’ve hired new writers, lost a few, sold tons of sponsorships and overall grown tremendously.  But, today we’re going to talk about the top 10 MOST READ stories of 2010 on PCBDaily.com. We did this in 2008 and 2009, and we’re back to do it again.

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Weekend Events – New Year's Day 2011 Edition

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By now you’ve figured out you could not have picked a better place to escape the snow and the slush and the cold! New Year’s on Panama City Beach rocks, does it not?  But you’ve got to wake up some time, maybe? You might even be looking for a way to top last night. We’ve got relaxation and we’ve got excitement, whenever you get out of bed…

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What Specials Do You Want [SURVEY] – Win $50

We at CYber SYtes love to run monthly specials to incentivize new website business, show you how much we love you and to have a little fun.  For the next couple months, we wanted to do something a little different and get your feedback on what you’d like to see.

So.  We’re doing a survey.  We want to know what specials you’d like to see us have, what would move you off the fence or help persuade you to consider us as your website partner.

And, to spice things up a bit, we’re giving away a $50 Simon American Express Gift Card (from our friends at Pier Park).

Here’s how it works.

Take the survey – click here.

Then the first week in January we’ll do the drawing from all those that took the survey.

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5 Christmas Recipes You Can't Live Without

Holidays are never complete without tasty treats and divine drinks.  I know for a fact, most of my Holiday memories have always revolved around what’s cooking in the kitchen. Meals are usually followed up by grandpa conked out on the couch, grandma in a tizzy over the amount of dishes we managed to dirty up and kids running amuck from sugar overload.

Since everyone should have this experience, at least once, during the holidays- we’ve compiled some of our time-tested recipes for you.

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