Top 10 MOST READ Stories 2010 [LIST]

Wow, this year’s been crazy interesting, eh?  From the Treasure Ship burning to the ground, to tarballs on our beaches to the brand spankin’ new international airport opening – we’ve certainly had some news-worthy things on the map.  We’ve seen traffic accelerate normally into the summer, then explode over the summer, crashing servers, then settle back down.  We’ve hired new writers, lost a few, sold tons of sponsorships and overall grown tremendously.  But, today we’re going to talk about the top 10 MOST READ stories of 2010 on We did this in 2008 and 2009, and we’re back to do it again.

It’s always interesting to look back at some of the most popular articles of the year.  Looking at year’s past, it was interesting to see the trend lying heavy in the real estate industry.  But, this year the trends are a bit different.  The airport articles would have probably been amongst the absolute best, but with the oil spill, quite an anomaly occurred.  We had an incident of national interest impacting our area directly.  People from all over the world were searching for information about the oil spill on our beaches, and the search engines were spoon feeding us traffic.  The number one article, you’ll notice, has quite a bit more traffic than any of the others.  This is because we noticed search engines were favoring this one, so we just kept updating the content here – and it stayed at the top of searches.

What was also interesting was how the free sticker post fell in the top ten list.  I honestly never would have saw it being on this list, but in just two short weeks, we gave out 3,000 free PCBDaily stickers.  A friend once told me, “never underestimate the power of free.”

Let’s get started.

10.  Pre-Opening Airport Visit [PICS]

“It’s been over a month since we’ve visited the new airport site and boy has it come a long way; no more construction trailers, no more hard hats,  just gorgeous grass and colorful landscaping all around what can be considered Panama City Beach’s newest and best attraction.”  [6,840 views]

Read the full article.

9.  Airport Nearly Complete [PICS]

“We spent the afternoon touring the new airport site. From the outside, there is still so much land-work to do one would think the open date set for May 23rd is utterly unreachable. But, once we ventured into the terminal it became clear that the airport will definitely make its date.”  [8,493 views]

Read the full article.

8.  New Airport gets New Call Letters, Bye Bye PFN

“The Federal Aviation Administration has assigned a new three-letter identifier to the new Northwest Florida Beaches International airport now under construction in West Bay, Florida.” [8,663 views]

Read the full article.

7.  First Lady Michelle Obama Gets Our Sand In Her Toes [PICS]

“Clean, safe and open for business,” were the words spoken by our nation’s First Lady, Michelle Obama, as she stood on Panama City Beach’s shores on her visit to the area. The visit came on a day when the beach was beautiful, gorgeous blue skies hung cloudless above and the presence of our First Lady shined a spotlight on a city and an area in need of good coverage.” [10,681 views]

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6.  Support PCBDaily – Get a PCBDAILY Sticker!

“Show your love for and get a sticker!  We’ve had tons of requests for stickers, and with the new logo design, it was time to get a whole ton of them made.  In order to get one, you can come by our office anytime, or we can just mail it to you!” [12,976 views]

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5. WonderWorks OPENS in Panama City Beach

“One of the great things about Panama City Beach is that in addition to having gorgeous beaches and emerald green waters, there are tons of fun things to do OFF the beach.  We all know and love Pier Park, we have a blast racing go-carts and playing miniature golf, and now we have a whole new adventure on Panama City Beach, WonderWorks.”  [13,916 views]

Read the full article.

4. Fire Consumes The Treasure Ship Restaurant

“This afternoon around 3 pm, the iconic Treasure Ship Restaurant set fire from a presumed electrical issue consuming almost the entire building. From the outside, much of the facade was badly damaged as smoke filled the air over Grand Lagoon, off of Thomas Drive.”  [22,043 views]

Read the full article.

3.  Tarballs Make Landfall in PCB Over Weekend [PICS]

As the oil plume moved more to the east late last week, we began to see some landfall of tarballs Friday and over the weekend.  Saturday morning, reports of tarballs and an oiled bird were made in Carillon Beach on the west end of Panama City Beach.  Today, there are a  slew of them scattered on the west end of Panama City Beach.  The only way I could describe it will make it sound like there is oil everywhere, which isn’t true.” [37,616 views]

Read the full article.

2.  Panama City Beach Oil Spill UPDATE: No Oil Here Yet

“As of today, there is no oil in Panama City Beach.  There is no smell, there has not been any tar balls, oil sheen, tar mats, or oil foam reported on the beaches of the Florida Panhandle.  Right now, our beaches are just as beautiful as ever. That’s the good news.  The bad news is that oil has been reported 10 miles offshore of Pensacola.” [57,009 views]

Read the full article.

1.  UPDATE: Panama City Beach Currently NOT On Oil Spill Trajectory Map

“Over the last few weeks, very small quantities of oil product have been reported and cleaned up on Panama City Beach.  And, when I say very small quantities, I mean so small that almost no one saw any oil wash up on the shores of Panama City Beach before it was cleaned up by the 700+ beach clean up workers that continue to patrol the beaches.  In addition to the 700+ workers that are walking the beaches by day, there are around 250 walking the beaches at night.” [428,056 views]

Read the full article.

5 thoughts on “Top 10 MOST READ Stories 2010 [LIST]

  1. As always another wonderful year of reporting to us who don’t yet live here daily but do own property and feel like locals. Jason, you are appreciated for all your hard work.


  2. Jason, these were all wonderful written articles & I enjoyed reading & looking at each of them.
    Thank you so much for bring us “out-of-towners” news and information on Panama City Beach, it’s a dose of sunshine when we need it!
    I wish you a fantastic 2011….. Happy New Year!!


  3. Thank you! Thank you Daily PCB.Com
    The first time 2004 I came to visit Panama City Beach I fell Head over Hills in Love with PCB that Stunning Beautiful Emerald Gulf Coast those Snow White Beaches that Crystal Clear Gulf Shore captured my Heart forever! Their is no Diamond that shines more Brighter, than my dear Loved Emerald Gulf Coast!!
    God Bless you!
    Happy New Year my dear Loved Emerald Gulf Coast ! I MISS YOU My Sunshine State! “Home Sweet Home”!!
    PCB and Tyndall AFB You Rock!!
    Wish I was their…
    Miss you…
    “Happy New Year 2011”!!
    God Bless you our dear Loved Troops our Heroes!!



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