7 Things to Know About Shubee Flowrider

Ok, so I know that we just did something on this, but I wanted to get something up that had more information, since there seemed to be some questions.

  • Shubee will be the name of this Flowrider, but Flowrider is the name of an actual “ride”.  A Flowrider is a proprietary name that describes an attraction that is essentially a man-made, surfable wave.  The way it works is basically a jet-engine blasts a flattened stream of water at around 30,000 gallons a minute up a padded slope to create a wave.  More can be found here, although something seems to be wrong with their web site as google was telling me its been blocked.
  • The Flowrider surface is a padded material that has a plastic feeling with the slope gradual at first, then increases.  I’ve been told by younger people that falling on it feels like you are falling on a cloud.  We’ll see how my 30 year old body takes it.
  • Steel structure is up, and has been for over a week.  Next step?  The roof.
  • The Flowrider equipment and machinery will be installed once a roof is on the place.  I’m unsure at this time whether they will have the building “dried-in” before this happens, or if they’ll have to leave the walls open.  There wasn’t anyone there that knew the size of the equipment pieces before installation.
  • The expected open time has been pushed back to August.  There was a longer than expected cure time on the actual structure that houses the Flowrider, but everything should begin moving fairly quick.
  • Most of the inventory is in, they’re just waiting for the roof and walls to start moving stuff in.

LIVE – City Pier's done, Now County Pier's Under Construction!

_mg_7759wtmkThe projected construction timeline for the new County Pier located just west of Alf Coleman Road is around 16 months, barring no unexpected obstacles present themselves.  The design is exactly the same as the new Russell-Fields pier located right across from Pier Park.  Alf Coleman Road is the road the Shipwreck Island Waterpark is on, and it runs almost directly into Sterling Reef Condominiums on the Gulf of Mexico.

Construction began in March of this year with the concrete ramp that leads up to the portion of the pier that extends out into the water already complete.  The next milestone is expected in October when they should have the “mid”-section complete by.

The totall cost of this pier will be $7.6 million with FEMA picking up $3 million of the tab.  Completion is expected to be June of 2010.

LIVE – Russell-Fields Pier First Weekend Huge Success

_mg_7746wtmkWith the first day of business being Friday, Russel-Fields Pier in Panama City Beach saw over 1800 people on Friday and just under 1,000 people on Saturday by 1 pm when I was there.  They closed the pier down shortly before dusk to set off the fireworks a little after 9pm.  The fireworks show left no visible damage that I could see, just as promised – thnaks Yankee!

So far the most common fish caught are Spanish and King Mackerel, although a small handful of people I talked today said they caught a higher number than usual of “lady-fish”, or the poor -man’s trout.

The weather is rather dreary, but seems to be wanting to clear up.  I was actually harrassed by more fisherman than usual, must have been the umbrella, I’m sure I looked like a dweeb.  I was just trying to keep my camera dry!

_mg_7739wtmkThere were tons of surfers out, the surf looked great, good clean waves, nice break in between.  In fact, the only complaint I would have had if I were a surfer would be that there were too many surfers.

I will say this, all weekend I was greeted by a great guy working the booth that seemed happy to be there.  Today, I was greeted by a man named Terry who was real grumpy, must have been the weather.  At least he’s got a/c!  We do need polite people greeting our tourists – haven’t we been discussing this?  Cheer up Terry, you live in the best place on earth!

On to the county pier that’s under construction!

Panama City Beach LIVE – What's happing now


Following this post, I’ll be updating pcbdaily.com with short quick blog posts of what is happening as I happen across it TODAY.  For all intents and purposes, call it a write-a-thon.  This is actually a model the staff here is experimenting with for an event that we’re planning in the next month or two for SeePCB.  If it works, maybe it will be a regular thing.

The idea is to have an experience, then write about it, posting it as soon after the event as possible.  With the goal being to give you information as it happens, right now, we’re not sure if it will end up being too much work to be feasible (i.e. the process may take too long).  But, I’m going to try it.  That’s right, I started a sentence with a But – sorry english teachers.  But that’s hip now!

So, keep your follow on, and be sure to keep an eye out for posts from Jason Koertge – LIVE

Live Auction Updates – CLICK HERE

Ok, so here’s how I think the technology is going to work for the live updates.  I’m going to try and post updates to THIS POST that you are reading, newer updates will be at the top (below where it says “here are the updates”).  I’ll precede each new update with the time to hopefully prevent confusion.  If for some reason, this doesn’t work, then I’ll be emailing in updates that will create a new post each time.

It will look a little chaotic, but at least you’ll have the updates, and I’ll clean it up later.  I’m getting ready to head over there right now.  (1049)

Here are the updates

0152: sold all 1 bedroom condo. Sold 3 bedroom townhome for 205k. That’s 87/foot after buyers premium. Sf is 2576.

Then sold another 3 bedroom townhome for 200k before premium. That guy took 5 at that price

Then they put one 4 bedroom townhome up and it sold for 200k. At 3019 sf, that’s 72 a foot after buyers premium

Auction is over. They sold 125 condos total.

0138: 1 bedroom unit #3-105 sold for 73k before buyers premium that’s 74/foot after buyers premium. Next bid is at 66k right now and . . . Sold for 70k. Guy’s buying 8. The one bedrooms being sold are 1071/foot

0135: sold all the absolute 2 bedrooms. Starting 1 bedrooms. Starting at 70k

0124: so much of a frenzy, they started the bidding again for the 2 bedrooms. Now selling the last 5 available absolute for 87k before buyers premium

0116: again there are live pictures at http://www.twitter.com/pcbdaily

Hoards of people were jumping at 77k for 2 bedrooms. They are taking a break. Said they have a lot more condos to sell

0109: hit a sweet spot, a frenzy has begun. People are practically arguing over what they are getting. One guy said he’d take what was left at this price. The magic number for the 2 bedrooms? 77k. That’s 64 bux a foot after buyers premium. Wow

0101: unit number 5-207 2 bedroom sold for 77k before buyers premium.

1255: 2 bedroom 6-207 sold for 95k before buyers premium. That’s 79/foot after buyers premium.

1251: 2 bedroom unit number 7-301 sold for 100k before buyers premium.

1245: first 2 bedroom sold for 125k. All e bedrooms are 1325 sf. This sold for 103/foot after buyers premium. Unit # 6-103.

Also 5-101 sold for 117k.

1239: just sold 3 bedroom for 160k unit # 6-314. All three bedroom condos are 1761 square feet. 99/foot. Starting to sell 2 bedroom condos

1236: just sold unit 6-111, 3 bedroom for 172k.

1231: lady right behind me just bought 3 bedroom 3-108 for 200k. 1761 square feet. 124/ foot after buyers premium. Next bidding starting at 160k for 3 bedroom.

1228: at 1761 sf, that’s $133/foot after buyers premium

1223: 3 bedroom started at 150k sold for 214k

1220: charity auction over will start selling condos in a sec

1211: “its auction time, 1200 noon central roebuck time” said john roebuck. “Don’t wait, buy now”. We just prayed, that’s very cool that they did that.

They are reading the terms now. Should take a few.

1207: auction hadn’t started yet, but they are asking the staff to take their positions. Again, keep an eye on http://www.twitter.com/pcbdaily for live pictures

1153: just talked to a reader of pcbdaily, and he was telling me his sweet spot was close to $50/foot. Wow

1147: seats are filling up, people still arriving, parents are here with kids to enjoy the show

1138: a little more than half the seats are filled right now with right around 200 registered bidders. That’s a pretty darn good turnout. To see a picture, go to http://www.twitter.com/pcbdaily


1052: testing two

1053: testing 3

1129: wow, parking lot is full, I had to park on the third level of the parking deck

Live Auction Updates Tomorrow – Real Time Right Here

Tomorrow’s the day, the Island Reserve Auction.  Everyone’s been buzzing about it and wondering how much money something like this offering will bring, off the beach.  I’ve heard some speculatory projections, that didn’t sound all that great, and I’ve had others that are a little more optimistic on price.  Either way, it will be interesting to watch, and, as always, we’ll be covering it all live right here on pcbdaily.com and twitter.

Just like the last auction I’ll be posting live updates right here on pcbdaily on the main page.  Hopefully technology will lean in my favor and allow me to connect to the web with my phone and laptop, but if not, I’ll be posting using my trusty, albeit annoying Blackberry.

If I can connect using my laptop, then I’ll be providing live updates on a single post, if I have to do the updates from the Blackberry, then each update will show up as a new post, which I’ll then compile into a single post when I get back to my studio.

Events like tomorrow are what I live for, I have such a great time covering stuff like this.  I hope to see you out there, if you see me, be sure to say hi!

Technical difficulties with live broadcast

Well, if you were watching earlier then you know our broadcasts were riddled with little bugs.

Maybe we’ll get it next year.

We’ve been getting tons of video footage all evening and promise a great video documenting the whole evening.

I sincerely apologize to all those that were counting on this to stay connected with us. You, the readers, have made this site what it is and we very much appreciate the support.

Have a happy new year and by 2009 bring you much success and tons of fun.

Jason Koertge
Sent via BlackBerry – I know, I sold my iPhone.