Panama City Beach LIVE – What's happing now


Following this post, I’ll be updating with short quick blog posts of what is happening as I happen across it TODAY.  For all intents and purposes, call it a write-a-thon.  This is actually a model the staff here is experimenting with for an event that we’re planning in the next month or two for SeePCB.  If it works, maybe it will be a regular thing.

The idea is to have an experience, then write about it, posting it as soon after the event as possible.  With the goal being to give you information as it happens, right now, we’re not sure if it will end up being too much work to be feasible (i.e. the process may take too long).  But, I’m going to try it.  That’s right, I started a sentence with a But – sorry english teachers.  But that’s hip now!

So, keep your follow on, and be sure to keep an eye out for posts from Jason Koertge – LIVE

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