Lunch at Back Porch Seafood House at Pier Park

I had lunch with John Comer, the President of Southern Restaurant Group in Destin, who just opened Back Porch Seafood and Oyster House in Pier Park.  This concept was brought from Destin where they own and operate the Back Porch, Pompano Joes, Fisherman’s Wharf Seafood House and Louisiana Lagniappe.  They also own and operate Caribbean Soup Company in Pensacola, Cafe Grazie in Destin and Orange Beach, AL and San Roc Delicatezza in Orange Beach, AL.

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Fed Ready to Cut Rates Again

Ben Bernanke

With oil prices hitting record highs ($100.88) and the dollar falling to $1.51 for 1 Euro, the Federal Reserve is talking about interest rate cuts again. Many are predicting a .5% cut again with the term stagflation resurfacing in economic conversations.

According to Wikipedia, stagflation is a “term used to describe a period of inflation combined with stagnation (that is, slow economic growth and rising unemployment, possibly including recession). This term first came to be recognized in the 70’s.

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City Pier at Pier Park is under construction (video)

Both the City Pier and the County Pier are due for an overhaul with construction already underway at the City Pier, across the street from Pier Park. The County Pier is located in between Alf Coleman Road and Lyndell Lane on Front Beach Road.

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Ron Jon Surf Shop is Open Pier Park Slammed on Saturday

On Friday, Ron Jon Surf Shop opened their store in Pier Park in Panama City Beach. This is the sixth store in the state and 9th in the country. They were welcomed by the Panama City Beach Chamber and tons of people. With the heavy raining we got Thursday, Bay County canceled school on Friday, and there were tons of families at Pier Park.

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Five Guys Burgers and Fries in Pier Park (review)

Everyone has been telling me that I needed to go to Five Guys and get some burgers. I’ve heard only one bad thing about Five Guys and it was that the were too expensive. My opinion? Not so much.

My wife and I try to go on dates every week, and it usually consists of dinner and sometimes a movie, depending on how rich we are that particular week. If I can feed us both for $20, I’m usually pretty happy. Our ticket last night? Right at $15 with two burgers, two orders of fries and one soda.

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Bill to allow judges to lower mortgage amount instead of foreclosure


In an effort to reduce the number of foreclosures this year and next year by an estimated 600,000+ households, there are two bills before Congress that would grand “judges the authority to reduce mortgage debt.”

The two bills only apply to borrowers that live in their homes and have either subprime mortgages or other non-traditional mortgages, such as interest-only loans.

“It is one of many efforts by government and consumer groups to encourage lenders and mortgage servicers to restructure loans to more affordable terms for home owners in danger of default.”

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