Five Guys Burgers and Fries in Pier Park (review)

Everyone has been telling me that I needed to go to Five Guys and get some burgers. I’ve heard only one bad thing about Five Guys and it was that the were too expensive. My opinion? Not so much.

My wife and I try to go on dates every week, and it usually consists of dinner and sometimes a movie, depending on how rich we are that particular week. If I can feed us both for $20, I’m usually pretty happy. Our ticket last night? Right at $15 with two burgers, two orders of fries and one soda.

What did we order?

As far as burgers go, they had two basic choices, a regular and a “little” burger. Being the manly man that I am, I couldn’t go with the “little” burger and ordered the regular. I think it was just over $4 with the fries and soda a la cart (if you can use that term with a burger joint).

The first thing I noticed was the huge sacks of potatoes stacked all over the restaurant. They make the fries from scratch from fresh potatoes. They don’t come pre-made in frozen sacs, and they are cooked in 100% peanut oil. They weren’t necessarily the best fries that I’ve ever had, but I still thought they were awesome knowing how fresh they were. The friends we went with were quick to point out that they were Idaho potatoes. They happened to be from Idaho with their family in the potato business.

When we got our order, I was quick to determine that next time I will definitely put aside my machismo and get the “little” burger. The difference between the “little” and the regular is that the regular has two juicy patties and the “little” has one. This burger was really too big to fit in my mouth, but with some squeezing, I got it in.

Ok, so what did I have on it? To the best of my recollection, I had tomatoes, relish, pickles, mayo, katchup, mustard and lettuce. Everything tasted extremely fresh and was melt in your mouth good. The 100% beef patties were not too thick and not too thin and tasted perfect.

The staff was very friendly and seemed in good cheer and happy to be there, and the place was packed. I can say, the burger was the best I’ve had that I can remember. I would definitely go again.

8 thoughts on “Five Guys Burgers and Fries in Pier Park (review)

  1. I ate there last night (sat.) after a movie. Ive been to the original in Washington D.C. and its a landmark. The one thing that i like is that you can have grilled onions, mushrooms, peppers all for free. The only thing that is extra is bacon. Dont order a large frie with only 2 people, its about 4 or 5 potatoes, Huge.


  2. Also I ate at the Panama City Beach store and it was beautiful! The atmosphere was so relaxing. Everything was clean and running in order. We had the best service. We will be back soon.


  3. Wow.

    Bugers = Amazing
    Fries = Stupendous

    Wait = Minimal

    This was definitely the best burger experience I’ve had in Bay County… besides my mother’s fine cooking, of course.


  4. I have eaten there before. First time was horrible, took forever, fries were cold, employees were rude. Talked with the manager on the phone and he sent me a gift card. The second time was better. I like the burger and fries…price is a little on the high end. Overall it is okay, probably will go back again when I am in town.


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