Ron Jon Surf Shop is Open Pier Park Slammed on Saturday

On Friday, Ron Jon Surf Shop opened their store in Pier Park in Panama City Beach. This is the sixth store in the state and 9th in the country. They were welcomed by the Panama City Beach Chamber and tons of people. With the heavy raining we got Thursday, Bay County canceled school on Friday, and there were tons of families at Pier Park.

My wife and I were there on Saturday evening with the kids and it was slammed. There were people everywhere and we aren’t even in-season. There were tons of people walking down the sidewalks, so many at times, it was difficult to pass and all the restaurants looked pretty busy with some totally packed out. There was a constant flow of traffic down the boardwalk and everyone looked like they were having fun. I wish I had more money to spend, because I was definitely in the buying mood.

Down by Starbucks, there are a couple little grassy hills, and the kids loved running around and stayed occupied for 15 minutes. Everyone had fun, I’m very excited to have such a neat thing to go to in our area. Thanks, Simon, for bringing something so neat to Panama City Beach.

Walking around with my camera, I was stopped twice by people that recognized me from This was awesome and I love to hear from you. If you ever see me walking around with my camera, be sure to say hi.

3 thoughts on “Ron Jon Surf Shop is Open Pier Park Slammed on Saturday

  1. Margaritaville will be open next week, the friends and family will be on Monday night…then it should be open to the public on March 5.


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