City Pier at Pier Park is under construction (video)

Both the City Pier and the County Pier are due for an overhaul with construction already underway at the City Pier, across the street from Pier Park. The County Pier is located in between Alf Coleman Road and Lyndell Lane on Front Beach Road.

Check out more pictures and the video by clicking the “more” link.

[revver 706534]

The contract was awarded to the Shoreline Foundation in October and construction is expected to be complete on the City Pier end of 2008 with the County Pier around 6 months after that.

The City and County decided to team up and use the exact same plan on both piers to not only keep the look consistent, but to save somewhere between $100k and $500k. Each pier is expected to cost between $7 mil and $10 mil.

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