Weekend Weather – Cooler but Sunny Outside

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You almost had a chance to see how lovely our beaches look during a storm- an intensely different experience.   Guess you’ll have to check out some of the exciting holiday festivals for thrills instead, because it’s going to be another sunny, perfect weekend here on Panama City Beach. Bring a costume and a nice sweater; there will be enough to do that you can wear both. You might even want a cover up on the sand Friday morning.

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The BP Effect – Best Beach Getaways’ 40% Gains – Lost

The BP Effect series is brought to you by attorneys Reich & Binstock and Seeger Weiss LLP, which are helping businesses in Panama City Beach recover losses sustained directly and indirectly from the Deep Water Horizon oil spill. They can help your business too,

“Sonny’s Oil Free Guarantee” was designed to reassure guests and customers that it was safe to travel to the beach.  We had no oil on our beaches over the summer, but with the seemingly imminent threat and false reporting by national media on the condition of our beaches, travelers were scared to risk their annual vacation money on a Panama City Beach vacation.  The “oil free guarantee” was a tactic used by businesses all up and down the beach to reassure their guests that they would not be obligated to keep their reservation and payment commitments should oil muck up their vacation on the Emerald Coast.  It worked for some, but business was still down dramatically for Best Beach Getaways.

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On Sale in Panama City Beach

When the summer season comes to a close, tourists stop swarming, cars begin to dwindle and everything goes on sale. Many stores are sitting with empty parking lots and massive discount signs just waiting for local love. Customers have the entire store to themselves to search, dig and sift through summer’s leftovers. From boogie boards to swimsuits, these are the best deals on the beach. This is the first part in our series “On Sale in Panama City Beach”. What is your favorite “On Sale” shop in Panama City Beach?

FBR CRA – Underground Utilities Almost Done, Scenic Ponds Getting Close

It’s been a while since we’ve talked about the CRA, and frankly, it’s not looked like a lot of progress has been made – on the surface.  But, most of the work that has happened to date, has been mostly out of sight.  “During initial phases of construction, most of the work involves underground utilities, we dig stuff up, bury it back, dig up more stuff, and bury it again,” said Mario Gisbert, the Panama City Beach Assistant City Manager.

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Weekend Events – Halloween This Weekend

Here are this weekend’s events.  With Halloween this weekend, we have some really spooky stuff going on here, in Panama City Beach.  With things all up and down the beach, there is everything from family friendly to adult fun.

You’ve told us, and we’ve listened.  Staring next Monday, we’ll be publishing the weekend events on Monday morning, just in time for the Tuesday morning newsletter.  This will give you some more time to plan ahead!

Here are the events for this weekend!

Books Alive…Local!

For something literary, a little bit different, and a lot local, this Friday the 29th, The Bay County Public Library presents Books Alive Local!  Friday morning at 10, writers talk about romance-and mystery! Well known World War II  Writer Bruce Gamble will be here, along with Michael Lister, Marlene Womack and a host of other local authors. Saturday morning at 9 come back for conversation, sales, signings and more!

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New Airport Parking Already Feeling Squeeze from Increased Traffic

Built based on estimated traffic expectations, the parking lot at the new Northwest Florida Beaches International Airport is already proving inadequate.  The board has already had to open up a temporary unpaved overflow parking area to ease complaints of not enough parking spaces for travelers.

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Steel Magnolias Gets Laughs and a Few Tears

For a packed house at the Kaleidoscope Theatre, the cast of “Steel Magnolias”, put on a great show, conjuring a gambit of emotions from big laughs to watered eyes.  The play, directed by Martin Hendrickson, follows the relationships and gossip between a group of Louisianian women who frequent Truvy’s Beauty shop. Katelyn Patterson a sophomore at Bay High School in her first Kaleidoscope play, put on a sensational performance as Shelby, receiving a standing ovation by plays end. Blonza Layfield, a longtime performer at KT, played the absolutely hilarious Ouiser, and did so with enough comedic flair to make all the actors in the Kaleidoscope’s 40 year run proud. The staff from local restaurant Pineapple Willy’s, came out in numbers to cheer on their two fellow employees Kelton Pullen who perfectly portrayed the sassy Truvy and Michelle Ward-Eason who gave a wonderful performance as Annelle. Rounding out the stellar cast were Sue Webb (Clairee) and Renee Black (M’Lynn) who both played flawless parts.

If you haven’t seen the play, I can tell you from experience it was well done. The stage, the lighting, directing and acting came together for a show definitely worth seeing.

Steel Magnolias will be playing its final three shows October 29, 30 and 31st. For more information please call 850-265-3226 or go to www.kt-online.org. Or become a fan on their facebook page here.

Next up for the Kaleidoscope will be “The Compleat Works of Wllm Shkspr” showing January 7 – 23rd.