Steel Magnolias Gets Laughs and a Few Tears

For a packed house at the Kaleidoscope Theatre, the cast of “Steel Magnolias”, put on a great show, conjuring a gambit of emotions from big laughs to watered eyes.  The play, directed by Martin Hendrickson, follows the relationships and gossip between a group of Louisianian women who frequent Truvy’s Beauty shop. Katelyn Patterson a sophomore at Bay High School in her first Kaleidoscope play, put on a sensational performance as Shelby, receiving a standing ovation by plays end. Blonza Layfield, a longtime performer at KT, played the absolutely hilarious Ouiser, and did so with enough comedic flair to make all the actors in the Kaleidoscope’s 40 year run proud. The staff from local restaurant Pineapple Willy’s, came out in numbers to cheer on their two fellow employees Kelton Pullen who perfectly portrayed the sassy Truvy and Michelle Ward-Eason who gave a wonderful performance as Annelle. Rounding out the stellar cast were Sue Webb (Clairee) and Renee Black (M’Lynn) who both played flawless parts.

If you haven’t seen the play, I can tell you from experience it was well done. The stage, the lighting, directing and acting came together for a show definitely worth seeing.

Steel Magnolias will be playing its final three shows October 29, 30 and 31st. For more information please call 850-265-3226 or go to Or become a fan on their facebook page here.

Next up for the Kaleidoscope will be “The Compleat Works of Wllm Shkspr” showing January 7 – 23rd.

6 thoughts on “Steel Magnolias Gets Laughs and a Few Tears

  1. Get your reservations in quickly if you want to see the show – this last weekend saw nearly-sold-out houses, and the word is still spreading, so I’m guessing it’ll be even more likely to be completely sold out this last weekend.

    Also, come up to the tech booth and say hi – contrary to what the program says (last minute changes), I’m running lights and sound. 🙂

    Also also, there’s a benefit on 6 November – Comedy for the Cure – will be two relatively short (but hilarious) plays. $20 ticket, but it all benefits breast cancer research. Disclaimer: I’m in both shows – but that just means I can tell you the scripts are funny. (Also, the shows are not kid-friendly. But funny!)


    1. Hi Isaac: I’m, Susan…Katelyn’s Mama. It was so nice to meet you the night of the premier. You did an awesome tech job and made the evening a success. We’ll be seeing you again, I hope!

      Susan Patterson


  2. Just for the record (and anyone who LOVES Steel Magnolia’s as much as I do will know this) it is TRUVY’S – not Trudy’s –


  3. Just thought I’d write a quick note to let the public know how wonderful it’s been to work with a talented director such as Marty and a cast that’s to die for! (no pun intended) Come on out and see the show this weekend. It’ll make you laugh, cry, and definitely tug at your heartstrings. Trust me, the men will enjoy it as much (if not more) than the women in their life. 😀


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