New Pier Big Time Successful, Amenities Under Construction

Every since the new Dan Russell Pier opened at the beginning of July in Panama City Beach, anglers and spectators alike have flocked down the double fly-away plank path to the end to enjoy being 1500 feet into the Gulf of Mexico.  Under construction for a little more than 12 months, the City Pier (as it is known to some) cost around $8 million and was funded by a FEMA grant that was awarded after it was irreparably damaged during a hurricane a few years ago.

Hit the read more link for pictures and video of the ongoing construction and numbers on how many people have been on the pier.

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$1,824 in FREE STUFF, Winners Have Been Picked!

Step right up, folks, to claim your prize.  This was the largest giveaway PCBDaily’s ever done; thank you Panama City Beach (and abroad) for letting us give you guys so much free stuff! Up for the giveaway were 10 prizes (listed below – thanks sponsors!), and with over 300 entrants, we had a large pool to pick from.

I made a video of the drawing, click the read more to watch and see if you won!

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How Short Sales Effect Your Credit

Many people don’t understand how a short sale will affect their credit.  The short sale itself does not harm one’s credit in any way.  It is possible to complete a short sale without having a major impact on the person’s credit.   We are going to go through several scenarios to explain short sale options and the ramifications of each scenario.

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Episode #28 – Hurry, Beautiful Home on Grand Lagoon $123/foot

This week’s features:

  • Deal 1 – 3,566 SF home on Grand Lagoon, $123/foot
  • Deal 2 – Super great starter home for $87/foot, ONLY $115k!
  • Deal 3 – Affordable NEW home 1,577 sf only $179,500!

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8 Tips on How To Buy a Foreclosure

It seems that more and more people are getting excited about being on the winning end of the foreclosure crisis. Even though they are great deals customers sometimes are frustrated with the amount of red tape we have to go through and the fact that we have to do it the banks way. The game has changed in Real estate and navigating short sales and foreclosures requires a little study so I thought I would share a few foreclosure cliff notes with you.

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Rates Rise – Home Prices Still Rising

We are definitely seeing a return to volatility in mortgage rates as a see-sawing stock market has made for fickle demand for bonds. While sitting near record lows for several weeks rates bounced back up by late last week and were approaching 5.375% on the conforming thirty-year, fixed-rate on Monday before settling back to 5.25% on Tuesday. Some of the pressure on rates can be attributed to the huge government bond auction this week that will push the nation’s overall debt to near its debt ceiling of just over $12 trillion. The $123 billion in government securities creates additional supply yet, so far, it appears there is still adequate demand to absorb the new debt which has allowed rates to ease somewhat. I believe we will continue to see this return to volatility in both bonds and equities as investors become less convinced that this year’s rally in stocks will continue.
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