Lunch at Back Porch Seafood House at Pier Park

I had lunch with John Comer, the President of Southern Restaurant Group in Destin, who just opened Back Porch Seafood and Oyster House in Pier Park.  This concept was brought from Destin where they own and operate the Back Porch, Pompano Joes, Fisherman’s Wharf Seafood House and Louisiana Lagniappe.  They also own and operate Caribbean Soup Company in Pensacola, Cafe Grazie in Destin and Orange Beach, AL and San Roc Delicatezza in Orange Beach, AL.

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The Southern Restaurant Group has been a family business for since the beginning in 1979 when the company was formed and the first Back Porch Restaurant was acquired.  Over the years, they changed their name a few times, but continued to find success in restaurant ownership, adding all the above mentioned restaurants over the years.

More can be found at their website.

Enough background, lets get on with the food.  I actually had a fairly light lunch, the blackened Amberjack sandwich with a cup of gumbo.  The fish was perfectly prepared and the texture was perfect with the prices around $10 for the meal and $4 for the gumbo. Last time I had Amberjack was several years ago, and I hadn’t had it since because it was tough and not very tasty.  Today, it was great.

I had heard the food was great, but quite expensive.  Expensive is a relative term.  Personally, I don’t make enough money to pay $20 for a plate of food very often, but if the food is good, it is totally worth it every now and then.  Most of the chargrilled plates were less than $20, and about half the House Specialties are under $20 and the other half are more.  John said that one of the reasons the food seems expensive is that they don’t buy the cheap fish.  He said while many of the seafood restaurants are purchasing fish in the $2 to $3 per pound range, they stick to the $5 to $6 per pound fish.  They use better quality produce and rely on their customers to notice the difference.  This recipe for success has obviously worked.   I’ve never had anything I hadn’t liked at any of their other restaurants.

I look forward to returning for dinner one evening with my wife and trying one of the Specialties.

Back Porch Seafood and Oyster House website.

Back Porch Menu 

6 thoughts on “Lunch at Back Porch Seafood House at Pier Park

  1. I’ve eaten at the Back Porch in Destin many times over the years and it is hand’s down one of, if not the best spots in town…Location, service and their comittment to serving only fresh fish keeps them at the top of my list…your article is right on in that too many places take the cheap route when it comes to their product…Back Porch does not and the difference in quality is obvious…I would expect the Back Porch in PCB to quickly become the new “hot spot’ in town…


  2. Jason, Please we would like to see some more daily video of everything and pictures of the whole progress each day. We love to see and hear what is finished each day. When is Jimmy Buffetts open and totally finished. Please i got to know this. Thank you so much Rene”


  3. We were down there a few weeks ago and that was my new fav place to eat! We only went there once because it wasnt up to me every day in what to eat…But i wouldve picked that. I was so hungary that day we went and got the broiled platter and it was a little pricey but you know your on vacation and it is so worth it to splurge on food! I also highly recomend the key lime freeze drink…it taste just like a slice of pie!


  4. Great Place! Location is fantastic there at Pier Park. I’ve been there several times now and I can honestly say that i’ve never had less that a great meal and service. FYI if you ever try the seafood nachos as an appetizer you’ll be glad you did


  5. This is by far one of the best restaurants in Florida in my opinion. As a previous restuarant owner myself and an avid freshwater and saltwater fisherman, I can say the fish dishes offered here are above and beyond what other restaurants offer in the area. The atmosphere cannot be beat either. The Destin location offers the same quality dining with a great beach view and quick, friendly service. I will not visit the coast without stopping in at The Back Porch or Pompano Joes.


  6. Best fried seafood we have had in Florida — on a par with the best restaurants in Calabash, NC.

    The Back Porch Oysters were excellent also; first time in the U.S.A. that we have had a good baked oyster dish. The addition of a bit of crab to the dish was sublime.

    The only disappointment was that Happy Hour pricing didn’t apply to the table that we were seated at, and that was minor since I was able to walk to the bar which was less than 20 feet away.


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