Live Auction Updates Tomorrow – Real Time Right Here

Tomorrow’s the day, the Island Reserve Auction.  Everyone’s been buzzing about it and wondering how much money something like this offering will bring, off the beach.  I’ve heard some speculatory projections, that didn’t sound all that great, and I’ve had others that are a little more optimistic on price.  Either way, it will be interesting to watch, and, as always, we’ll be covering it all live right here on and twitter.

Just like the last auction I’ll be posting live updates right here on pcbdaily on the main page.  Hopefully technology will lean in my favor and allow me to connect to the web with my phone and laptop, but if not, I’ll be posting using my trusty, albeit annoying Blackberry.

If I can connect using my laptop, then I’ll be providing live updates on a single post, if I have to do the updates from the Blackberry, then each update will show up as a new post, which I’ll then compile into a single post when I get back to my studio.

Events like tomorrow are what I live for, I have such a great time covering stuff like this.  I hope to see you out there, if you see me, be sure to say hi!