Technical difficulties with live broadcast

Well, if you were watching earlier then you know our broadcasts were riddled with little bugs.

Maybe we’ll get it next year.

We’ve been getting tons of video footage all evening and promise a great video documenting the whole evening.

I sincerely apologize to all those that were counting on this to stay connected with us. You, the readers, have made this site what it is and we very much appreciate the support.

Have a happy new year and by 2009 bring you much success and tons of fun.

Jason Koertge
Sent via BlackBerry – I know, I sold my iPhone.

2 thoughts on “Technical difficulties with live broadcast

  1. Appreciate the effort and can’t wait to see the video…Spent time at pier park and the crowds were huge… then went to our condo at Calypso and watched the fireworks from our Balcony… video taped the fireworks and will post to my youtube site at beachdude722 this weekend


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