7 Things to Know About Shubee Flowrider

Ok, so I know that we just did something on this, but I wanted to get something up that had more information, since there seemed to be some questions.

  • Shubee will be the name of this Flowrider, but Flowrider is the name of an actual “ride”.  A Flowrider is a proprietary name that describes an attraction that is essentially a man-made, surfable wave.  The way it works is basically a jet-engine blasts a flattened stream of water at around 30,000 gallons a minute up a padded slope to create a wave.  More can be found here, although something seems to be wrong with their web site as google was telling me its been blocked.
  • The Flowrider surface is a padded material that has a plastic feeling with the slope gradual at first, then increases.  I’ve been told by younger people that falling on it feels like you are falling on a cloud.  We’ll see how my 30 year old body takes it.
  • Steel structure is up, and has been for over a week.  Next step?  The roof.
  • The Flowrider equipment and machinery will be installed once a roof is on the place.  I’m unsure at this time whether they will have the building “dried-in” before this happens, or if they’ll have to leave the walls open.  There wasn’t anyone there that knew the size of the equipment pieces before installation.
  • The expected open time has been pushed back to August.  There was a longer than expected cure time on the actual structure that houses the Flowrider, but everything should begin moving fairly quick.
  • Most of the inventory is in, they’re just waiting for the roof and walls to start moving stuff in.

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