LIVE – Russell-Fields Pier First Weekend Huge Success

_mg_7746wtmkWith the first day of business being Friday, Russel-Fields Pier in Panama City Beach saw over 1800 people on Friday and just under 1,000 people on Saturday by 1 pm when I was there.  They closed the pier down shortly before dusk to set off the fireworks a little after 9pm.  The fireworks show left no visible damage that I could see, just as promised – thnaks Yankee!

So far the most common fish caught are Spanish and King Mackerel, although a small handful of people I talked today said they caught a higher number than usual of “lady-fish”, or the poor -man’s trout.

The weather is rather dreary, but seems to be wanting to clear up.  I was actually harrassed by more fisherman than usual, must have been the umbrella, I’m sure I looked like a dweeb.  I was just trying to keep my camera dry!

_mg_7739wtmkThere were tons of surfers out, the surf looked great, good clean waves, nice break in between.  In fact, the only complaint I would have had if I were a surfer would be that there were too many surfers.

I will say this, all weekend I was greeted by a great guy working the booth that seemed happy to be there.  Today, I was greeted by a man named Terry who was real grumpy, must have been the weather.  At least he’s got a/c!  We do need polite people greeting our tourists – haven’t we been discussing this?  Cheer up Terry, you live in the best place on earth!

On to the county pier that’s under construction!

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