Grand Lagoon National Postponed until October

New Tournament Fishing Schedule Released for Oct. 3 – Oct. 5, 2008 in Panama City Beach

PANAMA CITY BEACH, Fla. (August 25, 2008) As a sign of commitment to participants, anglers, and festival attendees from both far & near, the Grand Lagoon National Tournament has rescheduled tournament activities for October 3rd, 4th and 5th in Panama City Beach.

“Grand Lagoon National is a fishing opportunity that simply will not go away and a party that won’t be called off on account of rain,” remarks Bill Spann, Grand Lagoon National Tournament Chairman. “Tropical storm Fay may have rained on our parade but it did not dampen our spirits.”

To reinforce commitment to all anglers, tournament sponsors, community and business supporters as well as deliver on the promise of hosting the most all-inclusive saltwater fishing tournament in America, Panama City Beach will roll out the welcome mat during the first weekend in October with a revised tournament fishing schedule and event activities.

“In addition to our world famous beaches, The Grand Lagoon National will prove to build on our legacy as one of Florida’s top recreational fishing destination,” remarks Dan Rowe, president and CEO of Panama City Beach Convention & Visitors Bureau. “We enthusiastically welcome travelers and visitors to Panama City Beach for this first-of-its-kind event.”

“We’re committed to making the Grand Lagoon National America’s saltwater fishing tournament and we are not going to let the turbulence of an inhospitable sea dissuade us from showcasing the rich bounty of our bay and near coastal waters,” states Spann.

Originally slated for August 20 – 24th, The Grand Lagoon National has modified entry fees in all divisions and refined eligible species to better reflect seasonal opportunities made available by the move to early October.

Revised Tournament Entry Fees (original fee noted in parentheses)
Big Game $2,500 for 2 crew and 4 anglers ($5,750)
Offshore $1,000 for 2 crew and 4 anglers ($1,150 for 2 anglers)
Inshore $500 for 4 anglers ($900 for 2 anglers)
Flats $250 for 2 anglers ($600 for 2 anglers)
Kayak and Canoe $100 per angler ($125)
Drive $100 per diver ($125)
Party Boat $25 – $100 per angler / all days ($75 – $100 per angler, per day)
Charter Boat $250 per boat, $100 per angler per day ($500 per boat $150-$200 per angler per day)

Additional details and onshore activities will be posted at or contact 850-522-0955 for more information.

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