Election – New School Board Members, Same County Commission

With two of the three county commission seats narrowly retained Bill Dozier smashed his opponent, John Salak by almost 7,000 votes, 19,399 to 12,701. Mike Thomas won 9,885 to Jim Lawson’s 9,034.

Ryan Neves took out Johnny Brock a whopping 19,231 to 13,444.

For all the results, check after the break.

Bay County Judge, Group 1
Tim Campbell 16,941
Hoot Crawford 15,970
Bay County Judge, Group 4
Joseph Grammer 17,420
Michael Hauversburk 14,662
County Commission District 1
Mike Nelson 8,777
Dan Estes 8,093
Marilyn Shanholtzer 2,041
County Commission District 3
William Dozier 19,399
John Salak 12,701
County Commission District 5
Mike Thomas 9,885
Jim Lawson 9,034
Property Appraiser
Dan Sowell 12,968
Jim Kochevar 11,863
Mike Sharp 4,797
Jeff Porter 3,125
School Board District 2
Ryan Neeves 19,231
Johnny Brock 13,444
School Board District 4
Jerry Register 16,618
Jon McFatter 16,082
School Superintendent
William Husfelt 9,251
Jim Barr 5,721
Thelma Roham 4,093
Florida House District 5
Brad Drake 6,099
Sherry Campbell 1,962
U.S. House District 2
Mark Mulligan 28,693
Eddie Hendry 13,468

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