Quiet Tropics

Gary Gnu

To quote Gary Gnu from the Muppets, “No gnus, is good gnus”.  I am happy to report there there are no tropical cyclones active in the Atlantic Basin at this time.  It’s about time.

People all across Texas, Louisiana, and the midwest are still trying to clean up from Ike.  Thousands of people from the Houston are still in shelters.  Others are still waiting for food, water, and electricity.  Galveston is trying to clean up and assess the damage.  It will be some time.  Officials think it will be months before the city reopens as the main gas and electric lines to the island were severely damaged.  They are also warning of mosquito borne illnesses.  “Galveston can no longer safely accommodate its population,” City Manager Steve LeBlanc said. “Quite frankly, we are reaching a health crisis for people who remain on the island.”

Ike’s effects have been far reaching.  In the midwest, there has been major flash flooding.  Where we grew up in Northwest Indiana is suffering badly.  They had received a lot of rain and then when Ike’s reminants came through it was just too much.   Several hospitals, schools, and churches are under water.  Bryan’s parents churc has about 6 feet of water.  The high schools fooIt’s sad because those people don’t have flood insurance as this is extremely abnormal for that area.

For us locally, things are pretty good.  The waters have receded and the beach seems ok.  According to the paper this morning, there is still a threat of rip currents.  It looks as if there is still a red flag flying this morning.