ACLU – Penetration of the Bible Belt

This isn’t exactly breaking news,nor is it new that the ACLU is in the headlines. But,the long-common religious and spiritual traditions often found in official proceedings in many local public forums is subject to the scrutinizing eye of the American Civil Liberties Union

If you are a left wing radical apposed to prayer in a public forum or even PDR (public display of religion), jump ship now because you are bound to be offended. Maybe I’ll be offended by you being offended.

Coming from Big City Dallas, even back in 2001, prayer had long been banned from public events such as graduation ceremonies or public meetings. Even though I wasn’t as religious as I am now, I found great comfort when a prayer was said at the opening of my graduation ceremony in 2004. Even as recently as the ground-breaking of the new Airport a prayer was heard at the opening of the ceremony. I continue to find great comfort that amidst the much local and political turmoil and opposition, we all still seem to agree that this country was founded on the very freedom that we would never have had if it were not for the good graces from our Heavenly Father above.

Of all the founding principles, the freedom of religion was the determinative difference between our great nation and the other nations of the world. Today, people flock to our country from around the world to enjoy this great freedom – the freedom to worship how we choose, or not worship at all.

Public thanks to our Heavenly Father is a decision that, I beleive, should be made at a local level. I beleive that if the majority want it, they should have it. Through public prayer, local officials are not forcing others into their dogmatic practices. Contrary, those not wishing to hear the prayer should not force those of us that DO want to hear it, not to. If it is discriminatory for us to pray in public meetings, then by that same definition, it is discriminatory to be told that we cannot pray.

If you haven’t figured it out by now, this article was actuated by the ACLU suing the Santa Rosa School District because 2 students were inconvenienced by a prayer during a graduation ceremony.

If you don’t beleive there is a God, that’s cool with me. I’ve been there in my life, I can relate. However, I know the truth now, but I respect your belief and your right to beleive what you do. If I ask you to be quite while I say a quick prayer for something, I wouldn’t ask you to expect anything different form me in observance of whatever it is that you choose to observe. This is the common courtesy and respect for others that I was taught growing up. Simple principle, really.

I find it highly discriminatory that an organization can interject itself and force the majority based on a very small minority. Now, I should say, I understand the fundamental foundation here. I understand that organizations such as the ACLU were created to protect minorities from being harmed or oppressed. I get that, but in many cases their influence is taken much too far.

When the majority believes in God and the majority supports prayer in public forums, why isn’t there a group that sues in protection of these rights? Why does everyone sit back and just watch our Civil Liberties be stripped away from us? We are not forcing anyone to conform to beleifs – we are free to choose for ourselves. I’m just as much offended by your lack of religion as you are of my display of religion, but I don’t call my lawyer when I see your Atheism Rocks bumper sticker, or Lick a Witch t-shirt.


civ·il ?si-v?l adj 1: relating to citizens

lib·er·ty ?li-b?r-t? 1: quality or state of being free

6 thoughts on “ACLU – Penetration of the Bible Belt

  1. Thanks Jason for this excellent Posting.

    Proponents of the ACLU would have you believe the ACLU is one of the United States’ greatest defender of liberty against government abuse and extremist policies. Opponents believe the ACLU is a left-wing organization who uses the courts to deconstruct traditional Judeo-Christian values and subvert the Constitution. What is the truth about the ACLU? Consider what Roger Baldwin, the founder of the American Civil Liberties Union, said about himself:

    “I am for socialism, disarmament and ultimately for abolishing the state itself as an instrument
    of violence and compulsion. I seek social ownership of property, the abolition of the propertied
    class, and sole control by those who produce wealth. Communism is the goal.”

    Did you know that activist judges are awarding the ACLU millions of taxpayer dollars for their efforts to bring forth anti-Christian lawsuits? Since its creation in 1920, the ACLU has gone before the U.S. Supreme Court more times than any person, group, or entity other than the Department of Justice. Worse yet, they are “batting” better than .500. Truly, the ACLU is undermining the pillars of Western civilization.

    To learn more check out the book “The ACLU versus America”


  2. I certainly respect your opinion Jason and I applaud your taking a stand.

    I personally think religion is fine. The problem with religion at the government level is which god are you going to pray to. There are literally hundreds of “gods” that are prayed to around the world and in the U.S.

    Our system of freedom of religion in based on being able to choose your own personal brand of religion. Not having a government sponsored religion imposed as was being done in England when the first settlers came to America.

    So if you want prayer at government events, you better open up the floor for anyone else who wants to pray to their own god, not just yours. That is what religous freedom is all about.

    This whole area of discussion is huge. Many of the “founding fathers” we point to for our religous heritage were not Christian, they were Deists. They believed in God but could not personally accept that Jesus was part of God based on the concept of the Trinity. You will find no reference to “Jesus” or “Christ” in any of our founding documents. But that discussion is for another day.



  3. DTOM, I could not have said it any better . . excellent job! The problem that exits now is that a large number of those different religions push, recruit, and try to bring in new membership and of course, money. What happened to the core faith values?


  4. It is alarming to see such a lack of understanding of constitutional principles in this country. Your implication that somehow the omission of government sponsored prayer is an attack on civil liberties is simply ignorant. It is the role of government to protect the right of individuals to worship whatever and however they wish, not to endorse a particular religious worldview as a prayer at a state function inevitably does.

    If you want to pray to your God to request special blessings for a graduating class, then do it yourself. If other members of your religious community wish to join with you in doing so, then so be it. But to conduct religious rites and ceremonies at state sponsored events is an imposition upon other citizens with differing religious persuasions and is simply unconstitutional. An understanding of the political philosophy of our Founders will inform you that they believed that the purity and legitimacy of the institutions of government and religion are best preserved if they do not intermingle. Simply put, when government promotes religion, both become corrupt because they cease to serve their respective audiences.


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