UPDATE: No Oil in Panama City Beach

With winds predominantly from the east and south east, the plume and additional oil product has stayed away from us the last 10 days keeping the amount of oil product, including tarballs, sheen and other effects from the Deep Horizon Oil Spill off our beaches.  Over the weekend, there was very few scattered debris with signs of oil on it reported in just a few areas on Panama City Beach.  Very few tarballs have been reported in Panama City Beach in the last 10 days.

Right now, the forecast looks good for Fourth of July weekend.

This is from NOAA:

From NOAA: Winds are forecast to be predominantly easterly (E/ESE) through Monday at speeds of 8-14 knots. The northern edge of the slick continues to move northwest threatening the barrier islands of Mississippi/Alabama and the Florida Panhandle east to Freeport, Florida. The Chandeleur Islands, Breton Sound and the Mississippi Delta are also threatened by shoreline contacts in this forecast period. An overflight today observed dark brown oil south of the Delta (within ~7 miles of Southwest pass) — westward currents are moving oil from this region west towards Terrebonne Bay.

This is from the Florida DEP:

From DEP: Moderate southeasterly winds 5-10 knots today through Tuesday with a 20-30 percent chance of rain offshore today, increasing to 50 percent by Tuesday. Waves will be moving north through Tuesday, increasing in height each day. Tropical Storm Alex began to move across the Yucatan Peninsula last night and was expected to reach the Gulf of Mexico by this afternoon. The majority of the computer models, including the National Hurricane Center, are forecasting Alex to move towards the west-northwest and impact the coastline near the Texas-Mexico border later this week. The system is also forecasted to increase slightly in intensity as it moves across the warm water of the Gulf of Mexico before making landfall

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15 thoughts on “UPDATE: No Oil in Panama City Beach

  1. how is the beaches in panama city beach? does anyone think the oil will damage the beach around mid august? i have a family vacation around that time do you think i should cancel or still comes to PCB.


  2. I am wondering the same thing. We have a vacay scheduled for the week of July 19th, and I’m thinking we may cancel and go somewhere else. 😦


  3. I was just there this passed weekend and everything was beautiful. Minor june grass, water was crystal clear, Water was ruff two days waves were 4 to 5 feet high big enough the surf. the heat index was around 102 to 106 all weekend every hot.


  4. Hello,
    First of all, I want to congratulate you guys and thank you for all the hard work you are doing to preserve the beautiful beaches and wildlife there. I am planning to be in PCB on July 12 and I can’t wait. I was wondering if you have noticed any bad smells associated with the oil mess? I feel that you guys are doing a great job and hope you don’t see much more impact. I read pcbdaily every day to keep up with the oil and I am praying for you guys. Keep up the good work and let me know about the smell and the oil on the beaches.
    Bryan, Kentucky


  5. just wanted to note that though I am not a local…we do own a condo in that area…PCB…far west end just a mile from St. Andrews. (Sorry to be vague, but do not want to be accused of soliciting for renters) In any event have had an update from our property manager, housekeepers and the actual staff of the condo and all is well on that end of the beach. I understand that the winds have kept the oil away and there are no other adverse effects at this time. By the grace of God, hopefully that end of the beach and other areas along the Fl. coast will remain minimally involved. Our family will be there the month of Oct. … so am trying to remain optimistic. Seems everyone is trying to stay on top of it.


  6. I am scheduled to arrive on the 10th of july. I to wanted to know about any bad smell from the oil, and also wanted to add that I hope they get this oil situation resolved very quickly for everyone’s sake. Their are a lot of peoples livelyhood depending on this, and I want to see everyone be victorious.


  7. I just spent the past week in PCB and it was BEAUTIFUL. I know I sound like a lot of people on here and you don’t know who to trust. But, I brought my 3 & 5 year old down and we had a blast. There were no signs of oil, tar balls, oil smell NOTHING. I had my doubts and almost pulled the plug on the whole trip. It would have been a major mistake. Maybe we dodged a bullet and were fortunate enough to experience the last nice weekend at PCB? I don’t know, but it was amazing and I was so grateful to get to give my kids the kinds of memories that I have had growing up on those beautiful beaches. I hope the oil stays away. It makes me so mad.


    1. We are scheduled to leave tomorrow for PCB –staying at the Majestic resort and hoping it is as clean as you described. Where did you stay?


  8. Sounds beautiful to me. Hope to get to come later. Keep the posts coming. I like to hear what’s going on to my future retirement home.


  9. We are coming to pcb for 6 nights on July 17th hoping an praying the beaches will be clean an the fishing good. Staying at the Sterling Reef. Heard the pier there opens on the 4th. Anyone no if thats true?


  10. I’m looking at the beach now. No oil, sheen, tar balls, nothing. Just clean water and white sand. Unfortunately, with some lingering effects of Alex in the gulf, the double red flags are flying so MOST people are obeying and staying out of the water. The beach is full of people though. There is nothing to clue you in that there is oil anywhere in the gulf except for the TV. It just looks normal and beautiful here at the west end.


  11. I’m curious as to what all is going on with the oil. My fiance and I are getting married on August 28th and we are planning on leaving on the 30th for Panama City Beach. We didn’t make hotel reservations because by that time of the year, kids are back in school so we didn’t figure we needed to book rooms that far in advance. I’m glad we didn’t make reservations. I still want to Honeymoon in Panama City Beach… I’m just a little concerned. We are wanting to stay on the Bay, but I don’t think that would make any difference since it’s all open from the Gulf down by St. Andrew’s. Any comments or suggestions??


    1. Brittany,
      Go to http://www.vrbo.com for a beautiful condo to rent. We only go through this site and have not been dissappointed yet. Especially if it’s your honeymoon. Longbeach has some beautiful condo and 3 separate pools, one which is a lagoon pool and is absolutely gorgeouse. Don’t waste money on a hotel room. The condos are sometime less expensive than the hotels.


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