WonderWorks OPENS in Panama City Beach

One of the great things about Panama City Beach is that in addition to having gorgeous beaches and emerald green waters, there are tons of fun things to do OFF the beach.  We all know and love Pier Park, we have a blast racing go-carts and playing miniature golf, and now we have a whole new adventure on Panama City Beach, WonderWorks.

Now, I know what you’re thinking, “Isn’t WonderWorks that really awesome all inclusive entertainment-plex in Pigeon Forge, TN that has ‘over 120 interactive adventures that will challenge your mind and body?'”  Yep, that’d be the one! And, it’s right across from Ripley’s Believe it or Not!

Managing owner, Mike Walsingham was gracious enough to host my inner child for an afternoon of thrills, flight simulations, “Far-Out Art”, and a towering ropes challenge course that brought me more than 30 feet in the air.

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Panama City Beach Featured on CNN – “Oil is being easily cleaned up.”

CNN’s Tom Foreman was here talking to local tourism officials about the oil situation.  It’s a fair representation of what’s going on down here.  The bottom line is that we are having some tarballs coming ashore in several areas, but they are being cleaned up within hours of them being spotted and once they are gone, there’s no sign of them being there.

They talk to Panama City Beach Convention and Visitor’s Bureau CEO Dan Rowe and Edgewater Beach Resort’s Michelle Lacewell.


PICTURES: Tarballs Make Landfall in Panama City Beach Over Weekend

As the oil plume moved more to the east late last week, we began to see some landfall of tarballs Friday and over the weekend.  Saturday morning, reports of tarballs and an oiled bird were made in Carillon Beach on the west end of Panama City Beach.  Today, there are a  slew of them scattered on the west end of Panama City Beach.  The only way I could describe it will make it sound like there is oil everywhere, which isn’t true.  It’s best for me to show you pictures and describe what I’m seeing.  Here we go:

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Holding Hands Makes us Stronger

Although this is typically a place for Real Estate tips I have been known to throw in some life tips and this is one of those times.  Now, more than ever, our focus is on our cherished beach and what we can do to stem the tide of oil and moreover to counter the negative impact that the fear preceding the event is causing on our coast.  There is something about our beach for residents and tourists alike, that leaves an impression of our beach in their heart and soul. The sand sticks in your toes and the feeling travels with you forming some of the best memories of your life.   Continue reading “Holding Hands Makes us Stronger”

County Pier Set to Open July 4th

Last summer, on the Fourth of July weekend, the new Russell Fields Pier opened – also known as the City Pier in Panama City Beach.  And while this year, the Russel Fields Pier, across from Pier Park is all set to open the much anticipated amenities, the County Pier 2 miles east is preparing to open.  On schedule for their first day of operations on July 4th, this summer will be one pier better than last giving local and visiting anglers alike a new place to throw a line.

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Daily LIVE Oil Spill Updates – VIDEO

We’re getting constant requests for more regular video updates on the oil spill.  We’ve been trying to meet that demand, and we’ve also started a daily live video streamcast from the beach each morning at 8:30 am cst.

Every morning, from a random spot on the beach, I’ve been shooting live video from the beach from my iPhone.  I’m streaming over the local cellular 3G connection, so the video quality leaves some to be desired, but it’s live video from the beach, non-the-less.

The purpose of the video is to show that there is no oil on our beaches.  If and when we see some landfall of oil on our beaches, the purpose will be to serve as a “real” representation of just how much oil is here.

With all the media attention that Pensacola has received with oil landfall, the common perception was quickly that thick oily sludge was washing ashore.  At that same time, pictures of oil covered wildlife was circulating and the reality of the situation in Pensacola was actually quite skewed.

Our goal is to show you the truth.  If we have oil covered beaches (which won’t happen), then we’ll show you that.  But, when and IF we see some landfall of oil, and it’s sparse tar balls that are quickly and easily cleaned up – which is very realistic – we’ll also be showing you that it’s safe to visit Panama City Beach.

If you want to catch our LIVE video streamcasts from the beach, visit our Ustream channel at 8:30 am cst each day Monday through Friday and we’ll give you an update.  Please keep in mind that we are trying our best to keep you as up to date on what’s happening here, but sometimes, due to scheduling conflicts, I can be up to 5 minutes late to the streamcast.  So, if you get there, and you don’t see the video, just hit refresh every 30 seconds or so until you see us.

Our Ustream.tv url is: Ustream.tv/channel/pcbdaily – please share this with your friends as we need to get the word out on the condition of our beaches.


Note: For your convenience, I’ve also included a quick link in the left sidebar that links directly to the Ustream channel.  This is what the icon looks like.

Panama City Beach Oil Spill Update VIDEO

As of today, there still has not been any oil reported in Panama City Beach.  Skies have been clear, the beach is beautiful and the water is looking great.  I was at the beach this morning and much of the June grass was gone, at least in the area I was in.  Right now we are slightly in the 72 hour area of uncertainty meaning we could see some landfall in the next several days, but not definite.  Officials have stated that the material that MAY make it here this week or next is highly weathered, sparse and easy to clean up.  We’ve been told that it should be nothing more than an inconvenience when it gets here.  Here’s the video.  More later.

Don't Be Too Short On The Short!!!!

I know you thought that I was finished talking about short sales but here we go again. There has been a trend in short sale pricing that has been a bone of contention and a sore spot for Realtors and would be home buyers. Let me set the stage…. gorgeous home in a fabulous neighborhood should be about 400,000 even in today’s market and this price is a tantalizing teasing price of $199,000 and the lines begin to form and the phones are ringing off the hook. The trend of pricing a short sale too low is not only misleading at best but can cause all other manner of dominoes to fall. Another issue is the offering too low a price for the foreclosure when market value shows the price is way below market. Continue reading “Don't Be Too Short On The Short!!!!”

PCB Stimulus: Win a FREE WEBSITE

With all the glum news floating around, we figured we’d come up with a way to bring a little cheer into your lives.  So, we’re giving away a free website. That’s right, you read right: One FREE website!  We know from past surveys that a large portion of our readers are small and medium business owners or you work in a small or medium business.  And, after looking around a little, we know that there are a lot of sites that need a little love.  We’re gonna help change all that.  This is what we’re gonna do.

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