Daily LIVE Oil Spill Updates – VIDEO

We’re getting constant requests for more regular video updates on the oil spill.  We’ve been trying to meet that demand, and we’ve also started a daily live video streamcast from the beach each morning at 8:30 am cst.

Every morning, from a random spot on the beach, I’ve been shooting live video from the beach from my iPhone.  I’m streaming over the local cellular 3G connection, so the video quality leaves some to be desired, but it’s live video from the beach, non-the-less.

The purpose of the video is to show that there is no oil on our beaches.  If and when we see some landfall of oil on our beaches, the purpose will be to serve as a “real” representation of just how much oil is here.

With all the media attention that Pensacola has received with oil landfall, the common perception was quickly that thick oily sludge was washing ashore.  At that same time, pictures of oil covered wildlife was circulating and the reality of the situation in Pensacola was actually quite skewed.

Our goal is to show you the truth.  If we have oil covered beaches (which won’t happen), then we’ll show you that.  But, when and IF we see some landfall of oil, and it’s sparse tar balls that are quickly and easily cleaned up – which is very realistic – we’ll also be showing you that it’s safe to visit Panama City Beach.

If you want to catch our LIVE video streamcasts from the beach, visit our Ustream channel at 8:30 am cst each day Monday through Friday and we’ll give you an update.  Please keep in mind that we are trying our best to keep you as up to date on what’s happening here, but sometimes, due to scheduling conflicts, I can be up to 5 minutes late to the streamcast.  So, if you get there, and you don’t see the video, just hit refresh every 30 seconds or so until you see us.

Our Ustream.tv url is: Ustream.tv/channel/pcbdaily – please share this with your friends as we need to get the word out on the condition of our beaches.


Note: For your convenience, I’ve also included a quick link in the left sidebar that links directly to the Ustream channel.  This is what the icon looks like.

5 thoughts on “Daily LIVE Oil Spill Updates – VIDEO

  1. Thank you so much! We are headed down from TX next Friday. We are coming rain or shine, but it is very comforting to know each day I can check this site (like I have been many others) everyday with up to the minute information about PCB specifically and not further west! Thanks!!!


  2. thank you guys sooooooooooooo much my family and i are planing on making our way to panimal city this friday and it is great to be able to know day by day what is going on down there we make this trip every year and i don`t know what we would do if this beach got trashed by oil so thanks for the updates. keep in touch. 🙂


  3. Thank you very much for all of the great information, we will be there next Tuesday afternoon, looking forward to another great time in PC.


  4. Jason my man, we havent met but ive lived here all my life. When we do meet the beer is on me. I am a friend of Karens so we are bound to run into each other eventually.


  5. Thanks so much for the daily updates, Me and 3 of my gal pal friends are leaving at midnight next Wed. for our girl trip and it’s good to be able to come on here and see live footage. Thanks!!! 🙂


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