Panama City Beach Oil Spill Update VIDEO

As of today, there still has not been any oil reported in Panama City Beach.  Skies have been clear, the beach is beautiful and the water is looking great.  I was at the beach this morning and much of the June grass was gone, at least in the area I was in.  Right now we are slightly in the 72 hour area of uncertainty meaning we could see some landfall in the next several days, but not definite.  Officials have stated that the material that MAY make it here this week or next is highly weathered, sparse and easy to clean up.  We’ve been told that it should be nothing more than an inconvenience when it gets here.  Here’s the video.  More later.

3 thoughts on “Panama City Beach Oil Spill Update VIDEO

  1. Thanks for the daily update. It is very difficult to find current info on the NOAA site and I’m not sure to trust it even when it is found.


  2. PLANNING ON VACATIONING ON THE GULF COAST? Go ahead and enjoy yourselves…. IF there are tar balls, stay by the pool, enjoy all the other amenities and with God on our side, you can’t go wrong. Yes, the Oil Spill is a horrible disaster, but we will survive. Happy Vacation!


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