Panama City Beach Fishing Report – Fishing's good, despite looming oil

Sunjammers Watersports, a local Panama City Beach business is putting out a great local fishing report.  If you’re an angler, you want to keep up with it.  This is great info.

Note: the url for their Facebook page is not correct in the video.  It’s

8 thoughts on “Panama City Beach Fishing Report – Fishing's good, despite looming oil

      1. I think I worry most about the stuff you can’t see….like the dispersants. When the feds close waters even for catch and release, it concerns me.


  1. The media has really blown this thing out of proportion, my wife and I went out 5 times last week to St Andrews Park and caught our limit in snapper in 1 to 2 hours. The fishing is the best it has ever been down here and most snappers were 18″ or longer so it made a good catch.
    Also the water is the most emerald green we have ever seen as well as the pure white sand. We saw some skimmers around the jetties.
    I truly think the media caused more damage to tourism than BP did, or they are running a close race from what I can tell. We are going fishing again tomorrow morning. We live on Front Beach rd in panama city beach


    1. Up here in Atlanta we are hearing that Panama City hasn’t seen a drop in tourism and that “while it isn’t a record year” ….it is very good. Is that not true?


  2. The tourism is still pretty good, I am a webmaster for a lady that has 6 calypso condos and she gets cancellations every day due to the Oil Spill. Luckily we keep advertising and she fills the dates back up. Like I said, the media is trying to kill the tourism and that is not cool.

    I live on Front Beach Rd and around 1pm every day it is near impossible to get on Front Beach and the traffic is backed up for miles. They are busy I would say!

    We went fishing today and caught our limit on Large Red Snappers and Grouper within 2 hours, and we were only 4 miles south of the pass at St Andrews Park.
    There was absolutely no smell of Oil in the air and nothing floating on the Emerald Green Waters.

    One thing we did notice was that at the fish cleaning station in St Andrews Park, there have been absolutely NO pelicans hanging around for the last week. That is really strange as there are usually 4+ pelicans hanging around for handouts, but probably they are wiser than us and have moved to a better nesting ground, probably to the east. We still see dolphins around though and that is always a treat.


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