Panama City Beach CVB Targets Spring-Breakers with New Online Planning Guides

It’s right around the corner – and this Spring Break, the Panama City Beach Convention & Visitor’s Bureau has taken a slightly different approach. Aimed at sending a serious message in a fun way, the CVB has created new online guides for the thousands of college students heading to Panama City Beach and its warmer temperatures, beautiful beaches, and action-packed nightlife.

The gender specific guides, named respectively “The Wingman’s Guide to Spring Break” and “The Girlfriend’s Guide to Spring Break” are available at, and offer helpful planning tips and insider information on where to go for Panama City Beach nightlife, dining and recreation. The guides are geared towards the budget-conscious college crowd and feature important “brain check” tips that highlight the importance of putting safety first in all situations.

According to Dan Rowe, president and CEO of the Panama City Beach Convention & Visitors Bureau, the goal of the guides is not to stop students from having fun, but to simply offer a reminder that spring break is not a break from common sense. “We want kids to come down and enjoy themselves and we know some will completely ignore our advice,” said Rowe. “But hopefully there will be those who have a chuckle when reading the guides yet still keep some of the safety tips in the back of their minds.”

Here’s a sampling of the advice offered for the girls:

Ladies, the top reasons to know your limits

It is so NOT attractive to have your friends carry you back to your hotel room.

That unfortunate looking guy that was hitting on you earlier is suddenly looking sexier with each drink.

Beer bloat…not your bikini body’s best friend. And, yes sugary cocktails also cause bloating.

Getting trashed is well, just that. Trashy. Keep it classy by keeping it to one drink an hour.

Drink water in between.

And the guys…..

You are NOT Superman – Know Your Physical Limits (you wouldn’t look good in a cape, anyways)

If you’re not a strong swimmer, don’t try to pretend you are Michael Phelps.

Also, the laws of gravity apply here. If you hang off a balcony, you risk serious injury, even death. Don’t do it! No one is impressed with daredevil antics.

Think you look cool by drinking an entire case of beer in 30 minutes? Well you definitely don’t look cool when you get sick later. Or too intoxicated to remember the name of the girl you’ve been talking to for the past hour…or your own name, for that matter. In case you missed the memo, drunken guys are a huge turnoff.

Two words: Beer Goggles. You may not remember what she looked like, but you can bet your friends will never let you forget. Drinking too much impairs your judgment.

Speak up! Be the best wingman you can be by cutting off your friend before he’s had too much. If it’s too late, be sure he gets back to the room safely.

“The bottom line is that we are investing in these kids as not only current visitors, but future guests as well,” said Rowe. “We have a lot of folks who first came here as Spring Breakers and are now all grown up and coming back at other times of the year with their families. We want them to have an incredible experience and return back for more.”

4 thoughts on “Panama City Beach CVB Targets Spring-Breakers with New Online Planning Guides

  1. I like it. It won’t solve all problems, but hopefully it’ll help a little bit.

    I’d like to see us keep spring break – and just work to tame it just enough… There will *always* be problems. Hopefully we can minimize `em.


  2. Dan, you are correct. My first trip ever to the beach was to Panama City for Spring break, 26 years ago. Although my life has changed, I still make the trip to PCB at least 3 times a year. I say to you, continue your work on keeping the kids tame and solving the lifeguard issue. I’m an example of Springbreak paying off in the long run. I’m closing on a condo very soon…. I love PCB.


  3. Nice of the Convention & Visitors Bureau to tell the ladies “Getting trashed is well, just that. Trashy. Keep it classy by keeping it to one drink an hour” when they should be telling ANYONE male or female who needs to consume (1) drink per hr they are serious alcholics and need to seek treatment. Looking trashy is the least of their worries. Just another example of adults who are in charge enabling kids who engage in dangerous behavior. The Convention & Visitors Bureau needs to go back and look at what they are saying and the action they are encouraging. Are there any THINKING ADULTS on that board?


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