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WaltonOutdoors.comOne of Northwest Florida’s most exciting and growing industries is, without question, eco-tourism. Northwest Florida inhabitants enjoy one of the most diverse areas in all of America, an area that can rival places like Costa Rica with its pristine coastline, diverse ecology and landscape.

One site dedicated to showing off our incredible area is WaltonOutdoors.com, an online community resource for outdoor life in Walton County and the surrounding area. Lori Ceier, the site’s founder, acknowledged the power of eco-tourism as an untapped resource for our area.

The entire region of Northwest Florida is covered in eco-jewels from places like Econfina Creek and Morrison Springs to Eden Gardens and Topsail, places that the area’s expanding market will fly in to see. It will be interesting to see, as the new airport comes online, the eco-tourism effect. Our area as a whole, from Panama City Beach to Walton County and surrounding areas should see a tremendous benefit.


WaltonOutdoors.com showcases everything from beaches, hiking, fishing and more. The amazing variety of activities throughout the area is and will continue to develop into a massive draw for the tourism industry.

To all you people who haven’t been out to experience our truly amazing area, take a quote from WaltonOutdoors.com’s founder; “Get out and explore.”

Please visit http://waltonoutdoors.com. We think you will be amazed at the depth and quality of the information Lori has developed regarding all there is to do outdoors in our area.

One thought on “Experience WaltonOutdoors.com

  1. Eco tourist are welcome by appointment to see “Florida’s Wildlife Treasures” which is comprised of representatives of the three feline species that live in Florida’s wilds: The Florida Panther, the North American Bobcat and the Jaguarundi. Bear Creek Feline Center is 14 miles North of Panama City in Bay Country. The Center is recognized by the IRS as a public charity and 100% of our staff are volunteers. We offer a course of study preparatory for Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission licensing to possess Class II Felidae. BCFC provides sanctuary to big cats…..some unwanted as pets, others removed from situations where they were being kept by those without proper licensing.

    There are currently 24 felines in permanent residence at the Center representing seven species. We may be contacted at 850 722-9927 for reservations for tours which are offered Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays at 2:00 PM. All proceeds are used to purchased food for the cats!


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